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Xmod Pro Auto Win Review:

The newest edition in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod menu is the XMod Pro Auto Win. This is the ultimate mod menu that allows you more than 8 hack features in one package file. You can easily disable either one of these features and use only the once that are more demanding. Here we’ve provided a detailed guide on how you can use it including some prominent highlighted features.

There are a lot of hack tools available for MLBB. Fans use all sorts of third-party methods to get in-game resources and other features like power enhancements. There are three kinds of tools you’ll mostly find in this genre. The injector tool is used to inject heroes’ skin like Kaneki Ml Injector, mod files are used to get in-game resources, and the hack tool is used to get extra features in the game.

XMod Pro Auto Win is a mixture of all these tool features. You can use it to get your favourite hero skin, buy unlimited resources from the game menu, or use special hack tools like Drone view, Auto Winstreak, and Hack Ping Enemy. All of these options are available under a mod menu section. You can easily disable either one of these features to get the most out of your gaming.

You can also counter the MLBB server and get the best lag-free server that offers the lowest pings. All of these features are protected by an Anti-account ban feature, which itself is state of the art. The app automatically updates as soon as a new patch update is released by the developers. It is a great mixture of all your favourite MLBB hack tools.

Features of XMod Pro Auto Win:

  • Drone view.
  • Auto Winstreak.
  • Hack ping enemy.
  • Fiz anti-lag.
  • Rank booster.
  • Get enemy nob.
  • Enemy Lag 50%.
  • ESP Damage Up/Defends Up.
  • Bypass Detect/Banned.
  • Work on all MLBB latest season.
  • No banned features.

How to use the XMod Pro Auto Win?

Note: The application required a password to unlock and the password is BANGMAMET. All the password letters are capital.

The application usage instructions are fairly simple. Once it is properly installed on your Android device, open the application and load mod menu option. Now enable or disable the features that you want in MLBB. Tap on the connect button once you’ve selected the specified tool feature. Minimize the app and open the MLBB game.

Enter a MOBA match and enjoy the newly installed hack tool features. If somehow the hack is not working, just open the XMod Pro Auto Win app and select the option ‘Country Server’.


Now you can get XMod Pro Auto Win APK file latest version from the link available above to install on your Android Os.

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April 7, 2023