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Kaneki ML Review:

We have covered a lot of Injector tools here on our website (apkfolder.io). The Kaneki ML Injector is another fine addition in the Mobile Legends community that allows you to inject custom code files into the game. The reason why injector tools are better than the script is that it won’t conflict with your account settings. Whenever a new major update arrives from the backend, you have to again download the whole APK file for the game and set up your account from scratch.

With Kaneki ML Injector, you don’t have to worry about new updates or security patches. You can still use the injector tool even if your account is limited to premium resources. The mod also allows you to hack the enemy radar, drone view, and offers new skin and costumes in the game. Below are some highlighted features of the modified version.

Features of Kaneki ML Injector:

  • All Drone Map: This is an all-in-one drone hack for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. You’ll get Drone Brawl, Drone Map with 3x and 4x usage.
  • All Skin: New and old – all skins and costumes are available in this package. You will get the skin for your Hero Assasin, marksman, fighter, mage, and tank. In addition to this, you can use the ‘Skin Hero Support’ feature to get special event costumes from previous seasons.
  • Change Analog: This feature allows you to change the analog settings of your key mapping in the game. Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not as customizable as other online games. Using this option, you can create your custom settings with key mapping wherever you like.
  • All Background: The option gives you access to the lobby in the background.
  • Border: The border of the game will be matched with your smartphone screen to provide a full-screen view. Most new Android phones are not optimized with the screen settings of most games. You can use this option to optimize your screen view settings as per the game.
  • Effect Recall: The injector tool offers new effects for special recall in the game.
  • No Root Required: The best part of using Kaneki ML Injector is that it doesn’t require any root of the Android device. It works fine on non-rooted devices.
  • What’s New: New season update, no detect, no error, all patches, and more.

Kaneki ML Injector Password:

Indeed, the latest version of the application protected a secret password. The password is only available here and you can grab the functional password from the below.

Password: The latest version is free from the password, so download it now and enjoy it.

First, uninstall the old version of the application from your phone and after that install the latest version v1.42 on your phone. If you directly install the application then maybe the app doesn’t work. So, first, clear the old version and install a new APK file after download it from this webpage.


Apart from these exciting features, the Kaneki ML Injector APK also offers other features like backward compatibility, background lobby, and background loading battle in the Mobile Legend game. If you consider yourself a big fan of MLBB then must try the rich app. And the app new unlock password is provided above which is only available on our site.

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March 12, 2024