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Virtual Monster Pro Review:

The biggest problem that Garena Free Fire users face is that their accounts get banned randomly. If you’re using a hacking tool or any script then there’s a 50% chance that your account will get banned. It really hurts when you’re not using any hack tool and your account gets banned without any reason. This is a very frustrating thing considering you’re ranked higher in the royale pass.

Garena Free Fire detects the IP address and IMEI of your phone number to ban your ID from the server. It is quite impossible to reopen this account as Garena mostly ignore complaints like this. Now to stay on the safe side, we recommend you to use Virtual Monster Pro.

Virtual Monster Pro is an android application designed specifically for Free fire users. The application creates a virtual space in your smartphone, allowing you to play your favourite game without any worry. It basically clones an Android smartphone and provides it with a fake IP address and IEMI number. Using this way, the developers will never find out you’re using the same device. The best feature of this app is that it also supports the hack file for Garena Free Fire. Now you can enjoy unlimited features without any worry.

Features of Virtual Monster Pro:

  • Create fake IEMI number.
  • Play without worrying about ban issues.
  • Uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Mod APK, injector and hack tool supported.
  • Optimal for low-end devices.
  • Clone any Android game without downloading additional sources like PUBG, Free Fire and COD.

Virtual Monster Pro is a cloning app that you can also use for multipurpose usage. There are a lot of Cloning apps available in the android community. The reason why a Virtual Monster is recommended for free fire is that it also supports hack tools. Now you don’t have to install separate files for your every need. Just download one multipurpose cloning app and all your issues will be fixed in no time.

Is Virtual Monster Pro legal and safe to use?

We assure you that all the applications available on our site are virus-free. We use advanced anti-virus and trojan tool to detect any false script in an application and remove or discard it. In terms of legal usage, Although the app is not officially available on the Play store, it is still legal for your non-commercial usage. The reason why it got banned was that it supports fake IEMI, which is a restricted to use in most countries. Apart from this, there’s no issue whatsoever.


If you are impressed with the features then the next level is to download Virtual Monster Pro. Download it from the link above and enjoy the numerous features of the app.

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July 6, 2024