New IMoba 2023

New IMoba 2023

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5.0 +
v1.5 (Part 158)
BMT Reborn

New IMoba 2023 Review:

No one can deny the role of characters & their skins in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Indeed, these Characters, Heroes, or Avatars are the heart of this MOBA. And all the ML fans are desperate for them since they can’t enjoy the game with few choices. Eventually, you have found a gem to unlock the premium objects of Mobile Legends. Yes, New IMoba 2023 can perform this painful task. All the main features such as Skins, Effects, Drones, and Maps are handy at the moment.

For your information, the New IMoba 2023 app is the updated version of the Reborn Imoba. If you are using the old edition, then it’s time to move toward the latest file. It will give some extra comfort doubtlessly. So, get the free file present on this page.

Friendly saying the use of MODs has increased with the advancement of MLBB. More & more people yearn for costly items without paying anything. With full surety, they are not happy by spending money on in-game items. On the other hand, they crave free & secure methods to access these gaming objects. Have you been one of them? If yes, then download New IMoba 2023 as it is for the same intention. The following headings will help you to understand this tool because everything is fully uncovered.

Cheats of New IMoba 2023:

Drone View

An astonishing drone camera given by this app is functional on Ranked, Classic, and other Graphics.

  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • Tablet View

Unlock Skin

Loads of ML skins divided into different categories are in your reach.

  • Painted
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Assassin
  • Marksman
  • Mage
  • Support

All Effect

Battle Effects in the Mobile Legends are appealing & stimulating thing. Indeed, these elements decorate the game in a new style.

  • Effect Recall: Up to 40 recalls are handy at the moment.
  • Effect Respawn: Similarly, a dozen of spawns are ready to use.
  • Elimination: They are also more than a dozen.
  • Battle Notification: Currently, 7+ are in use.

More Menu

This section is full of the remaining objects that you couldn’t use in the previous edition.

  • 16 battle emotes
  • Half a dozen ML backgrounds
  • Nearly 10 Custom Intro
  • The developer has added Custom Maps as well.
  • Also, Analogs & Borders.

Features of New IMoba 2023:

  • Free mod app for MLBB.
  • Updated & extra features.
  • Furthermore, easy user interface.
  • Fixed all bugs.
  • No ads in it.
  • Anti-ban system.
  • Works without root permissions.
  • Also, no need for a password.
  • ABC folder supported.
  • No virtual and GG are required.

How to use it?

Of course, you have to delete the old version of this app first. Then, you can take the same steps as you do in routine.

  1. First, download the new and updated APK from our site
  2. If the app old version already exists on your device then uninstall it.
  3. And install the new and latest APK file.
  4. Now, click on the installed app icon and give a username.
  5. Then you can get your main objective, which is free hacks.
  6. Explore the app and inject the cheats you want to use.
  7. It is a simple process.


The last version of New IMoba 2023 engaged numerous ML players. So, we got positive feedback about it. Now, the new update is ready to set new records. You should upgrade your tool as it has additional advantages. So, tap the link above and save it on your device at no cost.

Additional Information

July 12, 2024