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VIP Hype ML Review:

We need more intelligent & strong tools to defeat the legendary players in online games. Fortunately, many more Android developers are making apps for this purpose. One of the guys put forth VIP Hype ML to operate the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In truth, it is a rank-boosting app with a bearable size. Moreover, it is an unchallenging task to get a leading position in the battle of ML.

In this way, different tools come with separate functions for specific games. Our wish is to get the one with maximum qualities. It is also a fact that high standard apps are rare to find. If you play MLBB regularly, then check this app to make astonishing records. You can also give a chance to its alternatives apps as well which are King Booster and Kuroyama Booster as well.

When you open the VIP Hype ML, the following cheats are visible in the main menu. Firstly, rank booster is on the top. It means you get a high rank among the 50 players. Honestly, it is not a child play to beat others in a multiplayer game. But now it is easy-peasy owing to this tool. Secondly, enemy lag also works in your support. When this feature is ON, the other participants feel a lag or delay.

Thus, they act slowly. In that time, you can kill the frontiers quickly. On the same go, damage hack increases the damage rate when you hit the competitors. Hence, it will cost them heavy to come back. Then, auto win streak is a similar hack to take you on the winning position. All the cheats work mechanically; you only need to apply them. It has helped several players, and they are happy with VIP Hype ML app.

List of Cheats in VIP Hype ML:

  • Rank Booster.
  • Enemy Lag.
  • Fast Farming.
  • Auto Mythic.
  • Damage Hack 100%.
  • Auto Winstreak.
  • 60 FPS No Lag.

Available Characters:

Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic, Mythic V to l, Mythical Glory

For an illustration, FPS stands for Frame Per Second. It is a high wish of the ML fans to play the game at a maximum refresh rate. You can reach up to 60 safely & quickly. After this, you get smooth gameplay without any irritation.

Features of VIP Hype ML:

  1. It helps in getting a top rank in MLBB.
  2. Usable on all Android devices, even in the low end.
  3. It works on unrooted devices without any password.
  4. A single touch injects the cheats quickly.
  5. An ad-free tool with an anti-ban system.
  6. Simple menu list.
  7. Small in size and much more.

How to use VIP Hype ML?

  1. You need to press the download button for downloading the APK file of the app.
  2. You can see it is a lighter app that can be downloads in your folder in few seconds.
  3. So, complete installation giving all permissions.
  4. Then, open it to look at the awesome hacks.
  5. Now, switch the Toggle to inject a feature successfully.
  6. Nothing else.
  7. Just open the MLBB by tap on MLBB icon in app and play it like the experts.


Well, it is costly to buy ML diamonds from the Moonton Store. You have to lose a reasonable amount of money. If it is not doable for you, then save the VIP Hype ML APK on your Android phone. After this, you don’t have to put in the extra effort. It improves your class & level automatically. Hence, the developer has done a lot for you without any demand. In short, download the latest version of this tool and see the magic of it.

Additional Information

March 20, 2024