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Kuroyama Booster VIP Review:

No doubt, Mobile Legends has achieved the milestone of most likeness from the fighting game lovers. It is clear from the tens of millions of active players around the globe. And, today, our core focus is Kuroyama Booster VIP to influence MLBB cleverly. This Android app works solely for boosting the ranks of users, as it is clear from its name. Do not get confused since there are other apps with a similar name on the internet i.e Kuroyama Hack. But the taste of today app is unmatchable and you can download it from here to save a lot of time.

We know many of the tools claim for rank improvement in a specific game. But all of them can’t fulfils the criteria that they ask. Consequently, the users get disappointed and move towards the next. Also, some of the third-party app providers may upload a faulty or wrong file. It does nothing but wastes your time. To resolve all the minor & major issues, download our recommended app Kuroyama Booster. It is the same as we describe it here on this article.

Kuroyama Booster VIP brings different cheats in one portal, and one is a rank booster. This quality deceives the game rank controllers and makes you stand on the top automatically. In a multiplayer battle arena, it is a painstaking task.  Similarly, if you ON the anti-cheater feature, none of the opponents can do cheating with you. It is beneficial for you as, if they do it, your progress will cancel. So, it is in your favor if you can stop them.

Next, damage your enemies up to 50%. It is additional to what you perform in the match. Hence, more damage to your competitors will give triumph over them. Verily, these are the paid feature of MLBB, but you get it free of cost in this elegant tool.

Features of Kuroyama Booster VIP:

  • Rank booster.
  • Anti-cheater.
  • Damage up 50%.
  • Team pro player.
  • Enemy human bot.
  • All cheats are free.
  • Straightforward & functional app.
  • Easy to manipulate the game.
  • It does not require any password.
  • User-friendly with a crystal-clear menu.

After availing of the pro player feature, you can act like an expert on the game. It is due to the premium items that you own in the game. It is a fact, if an MLBB player possesses expert level gaming items, he will be more skilled & faster. As a consequence, the end of a level will be hassle-free.

How to utilize Kuroyama Booster VIP?

It is a handy tool focusing on a single point. All the cheats in the main menu are written in a facile manner.

  1. First, download app APK file from the free given link.
  2. Next install & open it.
  3. Here, you observe a final list of the available items.
  4. Just turn the toggle ON to inject a feature in MLBB.
  5. You can choose options individually as well collectively.


Without expertise, it is not possible to win a single match of ML. Additionally, money investment has become difficult for the younger players. So, they can make use of a supportive app, Kuroyama Booster VIP. It helps touch the endpoint of the game. You don’t have to try hard to kill others in front of you, in the presence of such a fabulous app. So, download the suggestion application and give surprises to the ML players.

Additional Information

March 23, 2024