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Yuri Patcher Review:

At present, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has more than 100 fighting heroes on its live server. These ML Heroes/Avatars/Characters own unique skills & powers to compete on the battlefields. Luckily, we can boost the efficiency of a particular character by customizing it with in-game items. ML skins are the most necessary thing in this regard. Since this element is attainable after paying massive prices, therefore you can adopt a shortcut as well. For this, Yuri Patcher Injector is an Android app that injects hundreds of premium skins in MLBB free, along with various other ingredients.

Not only the MLBB casual skins but, customized skins are also on hand of Yuri Patcher. Other things include Battle Emote, Drone view, Analog, Recall, Backgrounds, Bug Fixer, etc. Indeed, this list of ML items is free & easy to use. And you don’t need to spend diamonds or pay ample amounts of money for it. Yet, it is an unethical activity since the MLBB officials don’t allow us to cheat. Still, ML fans demand such modifying tools, and thus, we only tell them about these gaming freebies. It’s a blessing for unhappy gamers.

Features of Yuri Patcher:

It is an ultimate source to customize the appearance or various sides of the MLBB Characters. You will experience the following premium gaming tools without paying a penny.

All Skin:

This injector app lets you download the costumes/outfits while playing the game. In this way, you show off others you are a bit different from them owing to stunning looks.

  • Fighter; 81+ Skins for Chou, Aldous, Guenevere, Badang, XBorg, Alucard, Zilong, Dyrroth, Jawhead, Silvana, Thamuz, Leomord, Argus, Sun, Freya, Martis, Lapu-Lapu, Terizla, Masha, Paquito & Yu Zhong.
  • Assassin; 64+ Skins for Gusion, Fanny, Lancelot, Selena, Ling, Karina, Natalia, Helcurt, Hayabusa, Saber, Hanzo & Bendetta.
  • Marksman; 71+ Skins for Lesley, Granger, Hanabi, Karrie, Claude, Kimmy, Miya, Layla, Clint, Yi Sun-Shin, Bruno, Moskov, Wan Wan, Roger, Popol Kupa, Brody & Beatrix.
  • Support; 32+ Skins for Nana, Angela, Diggie, Estes, Rafaela, Kaja, Carmilla, Faramis & Mathilda Basic.
  • Tank; 59+ Skins for Franco, Johnson, Kufra, Uranus, Grock, Akai, Hylos, Atlas, Hilda, Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Baxia, Lolita, Balmond, Tigreal & Barats.
  • Mage; Similarly, dozens of costumes are available for this role.

Customize Skin:

Additionally, you can use customized skins for 10+ ML Heroes via Yuri Patcher.

Battle Emote:

Also, 15+ Emoticons are handy that fighters can use to talk with their teammates during the battle.

Drone View:

This Drone Camera works 100% in Ranked & Classic, with all Graphics. The ranges are 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and 7x.


Next, more than 10 options in this section will entertain you with ML Analogs.


27+ Effect Recalls are enough for your heroes.

More Hacks:

  • Fix Bug
  • Respawn
  • Backgrounds
  • Intro
  • Elimination

Yuri Patcher Password?

The developer Yuri Playz has set a passcode for this app. And you have to remember it whenever you open the tool to inject cheats in the MLBB. So, it is here. Use the below code to enter into app.


Yuri Patcher Injector offers you all these 07 groups of ML Hacks free of cost. You can observe that it is a huge list which is more than enough for your victory. Besides all, it is an ad-free tool with a simple UI. Every ML fan can utilize it for their benefit. It not only enhances your skills & interest in the game but ensures your triumph even over the pro players as well.

Additional Information

March 10, 2024