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Riyan Injector Review:

The maniacs of Mobile Legends would be merry with the game after the recent updates. They have improved servers, and new items or gaming material will also be available very soon. Thus, you must own some advanced tools to modify the game successfully. Riyan Injector (Riyan X Injector) can be a better choice in these circumstances as it is the latest & compatible with the current MLBB.

Moreover, it brings costumes of ML heroes, recalls, analogs, and other stuff at zero investment. Many players have confirmed that their ML accounts got banned since they were applying outdated mod apps. Now they are unable to play the game on blocked devices. We always advise our valuable readers to get up to the minute and well-built apps. For this, we regularly upload new tools for your convenience such as IMLS New Gen & Meliodas Injector.

Anyhow, let focus on the Riyan Injector that comes with your demanded cheats. Like all other injectors, it offers the latest & new outfits for ML characters. It will fit out your avatar for a killing competition. Next, EFEK Recalls, e.g., Party King, Sword Return, etc., will enable you to callback the hero instantly after its death. It helps in real sense and is a prominent trick to win the match.

So, avail some game-winning effects if you want to succeed. Then, Battle Emotes deliver your feelings without speaking. You try it at happiness, sadness, and many other situations. Similarly, different Analog & Map Magic Chess furnish the gaming view and battleground, respectively. Before Riyan Injector, this material was achievable only through diamonds. Also, seven maps, including Zodiac, Doraemon, and, others change the look or place of fighting.

Features of Riyan Injector:

  • Unlock All Skins.
  • EFEK Recall.
  • Battle Emote.
  • Map Magic Chess.
  • Unlock Analog.
  • Drone View.
  • Unlock Map.
  • Custom Background.
  • Free application.
  • Password needed to open it.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Compatible with latest MLBB.

So these are the current cheats in this strong injector. The background of the loading screen, profile, and the menu is changeable with the provided images. Drone works on all maps with different qualities or ranges. In the basic version of the ML, you can see a limitation of these items. If you want to play higher levels with strong players, then make some investment in the form of in-game diamonds. Ultimately, pay some money to the store to get these joys.

How to use Riyan Injector [ML]?

  • Download this small-sized APK file from the link above.
  • Allow permissions to complete the installation of APK file.
  • Open the app, enter the password, and click on the START icon.
  • The password is : promax
  • Now inject any cheat with a single click from huge list of cheats.
  • Then, open the MLBB to see modifications.

Without password access to the application, services are not possible. And whenever you enter the wrong pass the app will take you to the YouTube channel of the developer. But don’t worry, we are here with the working pass, which is enlisted below.


You would be using some tools to unlock the ML paid features as many are available on the internet. But Riyan Injector APK can give you extra points since it is the most updated app. The provided cheats are truly valuable. The newcomers can’t make progress in the battle without these cheats. Have a safe & successful journey.

We should follow the rules established by the authorities as it keeps us on the right path. Using modification tools is against the game policy. Be careful and try such tools on duplicated or guest accounts.

Additional Information

March 20, 2024