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Meliodas Injector Review:

Meliodas Injector is an easy & quick method to inject all skins, multiple recalls, background effects, and other hacks in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The injector modifies the game with full privacy and gives you access to the premium objects without any cost. Further, it offers some backup skins that bring you back to the original condition. If you are looking for this type of elegant all in one MLBB injector, this is the exact place to win it. Download & use it with great liberty.

We already have given you different injectors series such as Plugin Skin, Yasin Gaming and others to open various items of MLBB, and this one also works without any delay. Without any ado, let discuss the cheat list embedded inside it.

ML has developed a variety of costumes with some powerful specifications. ML players utilize a new skin for each hero at the next level. Since it boosts the power of a character, making it a dangerous warrior. Meliodas Injector is providing you dozens of outfits for nearly twelve ML heroes. There are three to five skins for each hero that you can use at different levels. In this way, experience A1 outfits without paying to the Moonton store.

Next, if you face a shortage of diamonds in your account and can’t buy the Effect Recalls, then don’t worry anymore. This injector lets you avail more than ten Recalls for different heroes to keep them alive in the fight. Without this feature, a dead hero can’t remain a part of the match. If you are willing more recalls effect, then go to the official website and purchase it in a fixed amount. Now, we are presenting you all the cheats in some points, read it carefully.

Cheat menu of Meliodas Injector:

The app contain the following the cheats in the current version. No doubt following cheats insist you to download it.

Unlock All Skin Mobile Legends via Meliodas Injector:

The user of ML Injector will see the following heroes in the list. For each hero, 3, 4, & 5 skins are on the spot.

Grock, Chou, Selena, Alucard, Lanceot, Fanny, Gusion, Franco, Hayabusa, Karrie, Agela, and Nana.

You have seen the list of heroes, and if you have played the ML, you would be aware of the importance of these characters. Moreover, you can send a request to the developer through this app for the desired skin. Though it may seem strange, it’s true.

Recall Effect Mobile Legends:

You know that other participants are more experienced & skilled than you, and thus, they can cause you deadly damage. In this case, you can refuel your hero by using any of the ten options. Resultantly, you can fight for maximum time.

Background Effects:

The developer has added 20+ images of various kinds to set in the background. Such a big stock of bright paintings, doesn’t it surprise you?

Features of Meliodas Injector:

  • Unlimited free ML skins for all heroes.
  • Free recall effects.
  • Background images for customization.
  • Everything is free available on the app.
  • Option to request a skin.
  • User-friendly interface of injector.
  • Use the app without any password.

How to Inject skins & other cheats?

When you download the Meliodas Injector APK from the above link, finish the installation, and open it. Click on the desired hack, and pick one of your tastes from the list. It will download & then inject it inside the game. After this undertaking, go to the MLBB installed in your device and play the game with injected cheats. That’s it.

Additionally, users must be careful & conscious while utilizing third-party apps. It can protect them from any possible risk related to the gaming account etc.


If you can’t stop yourself using modifying tools for MLBB, then take the Meliodas Injector once. It is unused, efficient, and simple in all manners. So, click the download link to get this free tool from fastest server. For further information, you can visit the YouTube channel of the developer as well. Indeed we cover every fact of injector here as well.

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March 28, 2024