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MMR Booster ML Review:

We are back with a rank-boosting tool for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If you want to make the gameplay a piece of cake, then install the MMR Booster ML (Tans XBooster VIP). It is a special edition for those who are not making sufficient progress in their favorite MOBA. The tool merely takes over the ML control system. And the user sees himself at the top. Thus, the free file is at hand from the above-given link on this page.

MMR stands for Match Making Rating. It is a trick used by many players. The endpoint is the doer of this act succeeds in attaining a winning class by deceiving the security system. In a ten-minute match, you can secure the highest rating, and as a result, the triumph will be only yours. Millions of ML players use different kinds of cheating tools. Therefore, you can choose MMR Booster ML (Mobile Legends) app as it is free, secure, and anti-ban. See its stunning cheats.

Cheats Available in MMR Booster ML:

  • Rank Booster.
  • Enemy Lag 65%.
  • Hack Defense (Tank).
  • Damage Up 80%.
  • Team Pro.
  • Hack Server (Random).
  • Anti-Banned.

Now, try to understand each of the quality. Firstly, you would be clear about the rank booster technique. It is an easy way to upgrade the rating of a player without investing the diamonds or coins. Thus, it is supportive for you. Secondly, enemy lag stops your opponents in a quick style. Conversely, they face hurdles in their way and can’t play the game efficiently. If you are facing a lag, then make sure your device owns the specifications necessary to play the game.

Similarly, hack defense for Tank is available in MMR Booster ML. It means if you love playing with the heroes in the Tank category, then you enjoy extra benefits. In other words, an active defense system protects your avatar from the damages given by the competitors. If you activate the Damage cheat in this tool, you can destroy the enemy up to 80%. After this, the frontier will not be able to respond fast. So, don’t deny of the power of such apps like Kuroyama Booster VIP, and Wolf Game Booster Pro.

Features of MMR Booster ML:

  • It is a free app for MLLBB to boost the ranking of a player.
  • It comes with a strong ant-detect & anti-ban features.
  • The users don’t have to bother for a code to open the file.
  • Moreover, it is compatible with the latest edition of MLBB.
  • Similarly, it doesn’t require root permissions, subscriptions, or other expenditures.
  • You will not see any kinds of ads in it.
  • A few MB size makes it more precious.

How to use?

  1. When you click the provided link, APK file gets saved to your Android device.
  2. Search it in the download folder, and then install it.
  3. Now, you can open it to explore multiple cheats.
  4. Only turn the toggle ON, and see the changes.
  5. Nothing more.
  6. Login MLBB and enjoy the game with functional cheats.


Verily, hacking tools help us a lot, yet, we need to be conscious. Sometimes the players come into the radar of the game security system and lose their accounts for a specific duration. You can hide from it by using some Parallel Spacing app or utilize the MMR Booster ML APK less frequently. The result will be in your favor. So, control the MLBB with this app in a fancy manner.

Additional Information

March 8, 2024