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ER WhatsApp Review:

People have used WhatsApp for a long time. It is a convenient platform that is a cost-effective choice for classic text messaging. It is an excellent way that remains you keep in touch with loved ones across the world. Various elements appeal to users, and people adore having them in the app. Firstly, it allows users to chat with friends and family, make video/voice calls, and share multimedia files. All these features are also available on official WhatsApp. But the official one has some restrictions and carries rules everyone must obey while using it. Here is the new alternative to WhatsApp named ER WhatsApp that one can use without restrictions, and it doesn’t deter you. Everyone can use it the way they want.

The mod of WhatsApp is designed after watching the most popular Turkish drama serial, Ertugural Ghazi. A successful Muslim leader who changed the identity and became the pride of Muslims in history. After becoming inspired by the great Muslim warrior, developers created this outstanding tool. The abbreviation of (ER) is Ertugural and is based on its extraordinary qualities that resemble the great leader. With Ertugrul ER Whatsapp, you will get more chances and opportunities for engagement. By downloading it, you will encounter many hidden things that compel users to use it.

The best thing about the app is that you can explore various topics under the app and can change them according to your need. Users can modify the app’s UI elements by adding and removing them when necessary. ER Whatsapp is a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption. It doesn’t share one’s details and chat history with someone. It means messages are private and can only be seen by the person you are communicating with.

Features of ER WhatsApp:

Apart from messages, one can do different activities inside the tool. They can send photographs, videos, and many essential files and documents. Its regardless operating system allows users to download and use the app on their android devices effortlessly.


The app contains many custom themes. You can apply them to make your system interface more attractive. It enables you to edit the UI element with a single parent theme and can fix them. In this way, you can enhance the system’s user interface.

Freeze active status: 

There are many options that one can hide if you don’t want to let someone know whether you are online or not. Then you can freeze your last seen; this will result in your online status will be frozen.

Hiding options: 

This is one of the best features that users ask mostly. It allows users to hide the blue tick that appears after reading messages. Enabling it, you can hide your blue tick, and still, you can see other’s blue ticks simultaneously without letting them know. Also, it hides the writing and recording while composing messages or recording voice notes. There will be a blank display, and your message or voice note will appear on the screen suddenly.

Story/Status View:

Almost everyone has been trying this trick on the official WhatsApp, and all are familiar with the function of this feature. People enable it to hide their status from unwanted people in their content. It results that you also won’t be able to know who sees your status. But using ER Whatsapp, you can hide your story view, and still, you can glance at how many people viewed your story.


ER WhatsApp APK made rapid progress and beat all the other mods like GT Whatsapp, MBWhatsapp, and others in a few months. It has many active users that are used after being inspired by a great Muslim leader. In addition, it provides many possible options. Among them, one of the loved ones is customization, where you can change the name of WhatsApp and write your name instead. In this application, you can schedule text messages, restore chats, create backups, create themes, and many more.

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June 22, 2024