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Plugin Skin Injector Review:

Different costumes or uniforms that you see in the Mobile Legends are known as skins of ML heroes. Each skin has its features & importance to fight in the game. Some of these costumes are freely accessible for all players, while others are attainable through diamonds. Free skins contain limited attributes, and by contrast, premium skins make the ML heroes super warriors. Now, paid stuff is approachable with the help of Plugin Skin Injector for all Android MLBB gamers.

Plugin Skin Injector is a short-cut for those who incapable of spending money for the skins of their favorite ML avatars. Since some players buy diamonds by paying specific cash to the officials of MLBB, and thus, they can open any required item in the game while using those diamonds. ML skins also come in the same way. But, the percentage of such players is low.

On the other hand, most ML players try to unlock all the paid material in a free manner. After hard work, we have succeeded in bringing such a best ML hack for you which is Plugin Injector ML app. It has all the free, expensive, epic, and other costumes of Mobile Legends heroes. Even it has added the recently released costumes by the ML officials, and thus it is the most effective & correct app having a pile of the most wanted item.

Then, it has 42+ beautiful & desirous images under the umbrella of the Loading Screen. You can adjust any image of different warriors & stylish girls on the screen. Thus, you are free to modify the menu screen of the Mobile Legends game. Moreover, 8+ stunning pictures to set on the control button view.

List of Available Items in Plugin Skin Injector:

This application provides its stuff in the following categories.

New Skin:

This group has 99+ ML Skins for Marksman, Fighter, Support, Mage, Assassin, and Tank. This tool is superior to all others as it has included the most recent outfits of the ML heroes. So, you can configure skin to any character in one simple click.

New Loading:

Here, dozens of eye-catching pictures are present to fit on the main screen or game lobby. And through the use of all those images you can fully customize the lobby as per your dream.

New Control:

This group has some other battlefield images, and you can adjust them on the control button inside the game. The backup option is also available here. Here you can get backup controller, controller, PPK, devil button, beach map, burmese ghouls map, ORG map, and volcano map.

Features of Plugin Skin Injector:

  • Each & every ML skin you can download and use without any payment.
  • Free stuff for loading screen & control button.
  • You can order paid outfits of Main Background, Profile, Control, etc.
  • No need to root your device.
  • No login or password required.
  • An easy application to use.
  • Search button is accessible for searching skin.
  • ML all fix option.
  • Clean data in one click.
  • White & blue user-interface.
  • Directly access to MLBB game.

If you think that this application has very few functions, then you are ignoring one thing. In MLBB, availing a paid skin of hero means upgrading its skills & fighting powers. Thus, it increases the chances of victory in the battle.


At the moment, Plugin Skin Injector APK is the most comprehensive application for MLBB containing the overpriced stuff in bulk. Epic & legendary costumes can make you a winner of the fight. All in all, no need to buy diamonds by spending money. So, click the download link to get the newest version of this amazing tool. Along with this APK, you can also use Z Patcher to get some extra advantages of ML skins.

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March 16, 2024