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Lotus Injector Review:

Lotus Injector is the newest tool to influence Mobile Legends on Android devices. Its most attractive distinctions are Bypass Feature; to delete cache, and Redeem; to unblock previous accounts of MLBB. Except for this, it provides a ranking improvement, ML skins, drone, analog, recalls, and GFX. These functions make it an especial & peculiar app till the date. Amazingly, the tool is wholly free of any investment. So, it’s going to be magical & hefty in order to get a triumph in the fight.

Recently, we reviewed various useful and best apps for MLBB like MLUAS, and many of the users are thankful for this. Today, we are adding a gem to this series. Two of its features are rare that none of the previous tools provided to us. First of all, you can unban your ML account using FF IMEI. It is present by default in the Lotus Injector VIP. Thus, it’s a gratifying feeling for all the disappointed players after the blockage of their accounts.

Secondly, it has a bypass feature stating, “Bypass mode delete cache & reset blocking bug in the MLBB” you can refresh the game if you face any interruption. It’s helpful when some of the users can’t enjoy an app with fast speed or smoothly. The rest of the qualities are the same as in other similar injectors. It offers more than 200 ML Skins for different characters. All of the costumes are present in one place without any separation.

Features of Lotus Injector:

The list of the main features covers the following elements.


Fast farming, Team pro, Myanmar server, Winstreak only, HP+ armor 100 (for Tank), and Service enemy nob


Set Low or High Graphics of the ML compatible for your device. Even mediocre Android can run the game with ease.

ML Skins:

Almost 210 stunning costumes for all ML heroes are available at a single click. You don’t have to buy premium skins if you get an advantage from this app.

Drone View:

The done works on low & high graphics modes as well. Also, it’s compatible with the HD maps of battlefields.


Free analogs to design the gaming view; Kuroyama, Demon Slayer, RRQ Yoshi, Evos legends, Girl tattoos, Girl hunter.


Get a redemption code by providing Game ID & Server ID.

Effect Recall:

Beautiful and precious recalls for many heroes are usable for all of you.

Bypass Feature:

This outstanding application performs all these tasks with full efficiency. The rank improving feature is a bonus for you as it can include you among the winners when your position is low in the competition. So, overall it has fabulous characteristics.

Additional features of Lotus Injector:

  • Free application.
  • Functional & working.
  • Anti-ban system.
  • No password required.
  • Compatible with low-end devices.
  • No root supported.
  • Simple UI.
  • New cheats added.


You have read that some of its features are purely distinct that we didn’t observe in any injector. It’s also giving a chance to reopen a blocked account due to any reason. Earlier, you have to use separate apps for this activity. So this article concludes that Lotus Injector is not only a novel app. It also provides technical hacks to exploit the MLBB.

Additional Information

March 27, 2024