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MLUAS Review:

If you’re a fan of Mobile Legends Bang Bang then you can relate with us that the game provides the best skins on each character. The animation, skins and the hand-drawn custom creation makes the costume of a hero stand out on the battlefield. And for getting skins unlimited you can use MLUAS that we have shared here.

The main selling point of the Mobile Legends is the in-game resources like costumes, weapons, maps, and new heroes. Now they all come at a great cost and not all of us have to resources to support them. If you want custom skins and expansion pack on the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then download the MLUAS APK on your smartphone. The application offers more than 100+ custom-drawn skins for every hero in the game.

This is a skin injection tool like Altlove Gaming Injector, and it will not conflict with your game settings or account, which means no ban from the server. With this, you can happily enjoy the new custom skins while playing the game.

Features of MLUAS:

  • New costumes and skins for your heroes.
  • Custom hand-drawn retexture.
  • New animation.
  • Works well with every patch update.
  • Weapon skin support.
  • Tested on every game map.
  • It’s 100% free to utilize.
  • Support ABC file.
  • Easy to navigate.

How to use MLUAS?

There are hundreds of skin tools available on the internet that provide the same services, but none can compete with the quality of app. Because the developers update the app every week. Most skin injection tool doesn’t work with the new update and the modding community takes a long time to meet the game patch standards.

What’s unique in this app is that it works with all game versions. You don’t have to download separate tools to get your favorite skin in the game. Just install the application on your smartphone, and follow the 4 simple steps to inject a skin.

  1. Open the application and select your role.
  2. Now click on skin you want to access.
  3. Choose Skin for old version 1 file or skin for new version ABC file.
  4. Now it will automatically inject on your game.

The app works with the official game so make sure you have the updated version of the game before you inject a skin. The tool also provides you skins for your weapon and controller. The produce to use these services is the same. Each of these skins has been tested with various heroes and battle maps.


All in all, if you want a complete package for your skin demands in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then download MLUAS APK and get everything with just a single tap.

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March 20, 2024