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Kuroyama VIP

Kuroyama Hack VIP Review:

Kuroyama Hack Vip is yet another Android application after ML Mod Premium for Mobile Legends Bang Bang that can be used to hack in-game resources and provides cheats such as radar map and enemy lag.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has become a famous Android game in a limited amount of time, thanks to the developer’s contribution to the unique gameplay experience. The game offers a lot of strategy-based content that you won’t resist to play for more than once. Additionally, there’s a huge collection of custom script files that you can use for your benefit. There is a lot of famous Android hack tools for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. All of these provide some sort of unique features that is not available on any other mod.

What if we wanted to test out multiple hack features for a single APK? Kuroyama Hack VIP provides a lot of generic hack tools for many MLBB. The publisher has managed to combine the famous Mobile Legends hack into a single APK file. Now you don’t have to download multiple applications on your smartphone. Just download one Kuroyama Hack VIP APK file and enjoy the features of them all. Below we have mentioned some of the highlighted features of the app.

Features of Kuroyama Hack Vip:

  • Radar map hack: check all your surrounding enemies on the radar map.
  • Enemy lag: your enemy players will feel a little bit of lag on their gameplay. This option requires VPN connectivity.
  • Team pro: your team player will regenerate health faster and have a boost speed.
  • Auto winstrack: Using this function you can easily defeat enemies.
  • Damage all hero: All the enemies of the current world will receive 30+ damage.
  • Anti-banned: this system ensures that all the features mentioned above are safe for additional usage.
  • Hack update: The hack will receive an update whenever a new official patch arrives


From APKFolder.net you can download the latest version of the app which is 1.4.91. If you are using the old version then first remove the old one and then install the new version.

How to use Kuroyama Hack VIP?

  1. Once the application is installed on your smartphone, open it.
  2. A new pop up menu will open, indicating the entire available hack that you can use with the game current version.
  3. If you’re not seeing the mentioned features than just update the official app.
  4. Once done, toggle the hack features that you want to use in the game and tap the “Start MLBB” button.
  5. You can also change the hack features once you’re in the game.
  6. After you’ve done playing the game, make sure to clear the cache.
  7. Repeat the process every time you play Mobile Legends.

If you want to utilize multiple hack features in a small package then download Kuroyama Hack Vip APK v1.4.91 on your Android mobile phone. And bear in mind don’t enable all of the functions at a time, because using all cheat indicate suspicious activity on your profile.

Additional Information

April 7, 2023