Harem Hotel

Harem Hotel

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Harem Hotel Review:

Harem Hotel is a visual novel-based game for 18+ gamers. This RPG adventure game for Android has a lot of features and a fresh plot. Many animated characters and tons of customizability can be used in the game. You can customize the character of the player with unlimited outfits. It includes stunning 3D visuals that allow for many accomplishments and clear views. It is a good opportunity for the 18+ players to get entertainment by having erotic scenes in the game. You can also enjoy the same game taste on Training Slayer and Kaguya Player.

You have inherited a Harem Hotel in this intriguing classic video game. Your primary goal, for now, is to run the hotel and expand the business. There are 8 beautiful girls in the hotel and you need to build relationships and train them. Follow the story and earn revenue to upgrade the hotel and pay staff. Build a friendship with gorgeous ladies and enjoy the erotic scenes. Also, you can interact and develop a friendship with new customers. And communicate with them. While playing, fully animated characters and romantic scenarios keep you inspired.

You can use a variety of traits to develop your personality. You can use many unlock outfits to upgrade your status. There are many uncensored and animated scenes to entertain you for many hours. Thus, there are many features and costumes to choose from. You can also enjoy 750 and more distinct events and 20,850 and more photos for nonstop entertainment. You can use different strategies to expand your business. And cultivate relationships with women. Your behavior and sharp skills help to handle the challenging circumstances in the game. It costs nothing to play the game and all the elements are unlocked for free.

Features Harem Hotel:

  • Strategy to grow business: Use different strategies in the game such as new decorations, offers, and services to grow your business
  • Outstanding Graphics: The game supports 3D graphics to boost the gaming experience with crystal-clear images
  • Romantic scenes: As the game provides adults content hence, it has a lot of erotic scenes to keep you entertained
  • Visual novel storyline: The game is based on a storyline. And it is a test for the player to show their skills to manage the hotel, staff, and situation
  • Animated female characters: The female animated characters in the game are Felicity, Emma, Downfall, Black, Maria, Ashely, Linda
  • Save game: Amazing you can save the game on empty slots and you can resume it later when you want to play
  • Meet new characters: One of the interesting features of this app is to meet with new characters. It is the best opportunity to connect you with the new character across the world
  • Different endings: Different endings make the game interesting. In the end, you need to choose one girl out of two. First is your girlfriend and the second one is your secret lover

Other Features of Harem Hotel:

  • Upgrade regularly.
  • Free to download and install.
  • No third-party ads.
  • Friendly UI.
  • No registration.
  • Play both online and offline.
  • One-stop shop.


Is it safe or legal to run Harem Hotel APK on an Android Device?

The Harem Hotel APK is the property of third-party Runey to entertain gamers. So, there is no issue of security threats and virus attacks.

How to play it?

It is a simple story-based game and follows the direction we mentioned above. The game is appropriate for adults due to its risky content


The best game for stimulating adult entertainment is Harem Hotel. It engages the audience with a captivating plot and stunning graphics. Each character in the game has unique traits and functions. The hotel is now under your supervision to manage after the grandfather. Thus, approach the attractive girl and appeal to her with your positive attitude.

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May 14, 2024