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Kaguya Player

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Kaguya Player Review:

Kaguya Player is a simulation game based on Japanese fiction stories. Also, it belongs to the NSFW category and is only for adult gamers. Its animated visuals and high-quality graphics make it attractive for a particular class. The main character of this story, Princess Cagua, is wandering on the planet, being an alien. She doesn’t know where to go or what to do for her safety and survival. Hence, players of this game control the girl and pass directions to rescue her.

It is a click-based 2D gameplay since gamers proceed in the game using the virtual buttons on the phone screen. Their core objective is to save the lady. However, Kaguya Player is not as simple as you think. In truth, the story is full of adult scenes. The female character performs erotic and sensual roles to amuse the players. They can change her outfits, shape her body & beauty & force her to do anything they want. That’s why it targets only gamers interested in sensual content.

Features of Kaguya Player:

Now, the readers are aware of the primary theme and story of the game. If someone finds it according to their taste, they can stay for further details. Those not interested in such content can try action games on the APK Folder. Thus, go to the main page and discover the most relevant ones. Yet, the following highlights will elaborate on the version.

  • Japanese Fiction – Yes, the story features a Japanese fiction novel full of adventure, suspense, missions, and spicy content. Grownups choose it to check something different.
  • Free the Princess – The root job of the players is to free Princess Cagua stuck on the planet. They will assist her during the journey and enjoy private moments for pleasure.
  • 2D Animations – The whole gameplay consists of animated visuals, including the central characters and the environment. Yet, the quality of graphics & images is appreciable.
  • Simple Controls – It is a click-based mini-game. Therefore, gamers have all the controls on the phone screen. Just tap and perform the in-game role or give commands to them.
  • Full Liberty – Honestly, gamers enjoy full liberty of doing what they want with the princess. They can make physical relations & contact as she is happy with it during the adventure.
  • Quality Graphics – The developers try to make this simulation game lovable using high-quality animations and sharp graphics. A colorful display seems engaging for players.
  • Mod Features – Above all, Kaguya Player Mod APK unlocks all the in-game assets and items. The users can achieve the highest level. All these luxuries are getable free of charge.


Since it is a lengthy story, gamers can’t complete Kaguya Player in a single row. That’s why the auto-save function is active now. This feature helps gamers to take notes and save progress at a certain level. Anyway, they make it a simple and engaging game for interested fellows. Custom options are great since one can adjust the required parameters according to taste. This funny adult game is popular in Japan and the neighboring regions. It is free to download and use for Android devices, like smartphones and tablets.

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June 5, 2024