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Epic Box 2021

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Epic Box 2021 Review:

It seems that the chain of mod apps for Mobile Legends Bang Bang is not going to end. Though, there are a lot of tools to operate this MOBA game. Yet, new ones are also coming with refining changes in them. It is the curiosity of both developers & users that forces them to discover new Mods. Epic Box 2021 Injector is also a recently developed tool for MLBB by the same token. Indeed, it is a bright & sharp Android app capable of performing some exceptional tasks.

For instance, Epic Box 2021 alters the ML Skins, Combat Effects, Drone ranges, and many other things. You know, all these things are attainable only through fixed charges from the Moonton’s store. And ML players can use in-game earned assets, like diamonds, battle points, golds, etc., for this purpose.

However, Epic Box 2021 doesn’t pose any such conditions. Instead, it injects ready-made ML items into your MLBB account. Then, you can utilize them to fight the battles like professional or skilled players. So, it’s a boon for you.

Resources available in Epic Box 2021:

This tool is a replica of Box MLBB Pro about which you already know. No doubt, both have similar functions. But the competency of developers matters. Hence, test it as well. Now, a brief outline of all its features is readable for you.

  • Drone View.
  • Skin for Assassin, Fighter, Mage, MM, Support & Tank.
  • Effect Recall.
  • Effect Elimination.
  • Battle Notification.
  • Battle Emote.
  • Custom Intro ML.
  • Custom Analog.
  • Backsound MLBB.

So, the list covers numerous valuable premium objects to play the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game with ease. When you open the app, you will recognize that ML Skin is the principal element in Epic Box 2021 ML. Doubtlessly, you can modify multiple avatars in each role. If you don’t know the prices of these costumes, then visit the MLBB store. You will get amazed after seeing the high costs of these skins. Hence, change the appearance of your lovely fighters and make them unbeatable since it needs zero investment.

The rest of the fighting elements provided by this tool are also notable. You can check them one by one. Besides all, Painted Skin, Effect Respawn, Themes Background ML, and Custom Map are coming soon. Just wait for the next edition and get much more than you imagine.

Features of Epic Box 2021:

  • New mod app for Android users.
  • It is suitable for newer MLBB editions.
  • Compatible with low-end devices as well.
  • It is ads-free at this time.
  • Lightweight makes it more attractive.
  • A simple user interface is usable for all fans.
  • You don’t have to root your device for it.
  • Moreover, it has no password for now.
  • Fast, stable & smooth experience.

What’s New in Epic Box 2021?

  • Updated UI with new facilities
  • Add Skins for Hilda, Alice, Chou Elite
  • Fix All Backup Hero MLBB
  • Fix Recall Bugs
  • Add Backsound LOL
  • New Custom Analogs & Emotes
  • Much more
Epic Box 2021


It doesn’t matter how many mods you have for your gaming skills. You always require new & latest tools since the games keep on updating with time. Thus, previous tools lose their worth, and they don’t modify an updated game version. If you are stuck in such a situation, then don’t be desperate. Only download the Epic Box 2021 APK and unlock the MLBB paid resources.

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March 20, 2024