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Viber Bomber Review:

Apps that are being used by Android users for frustrating people are several on the web with various specifications. If you are using Viber on your phone, then pay attention because this article will give you some news today. No doubt you have listened to bombing applications, and in this article, I am going to share Viber Bomber. The app is full of tools, and with its utilization of it, you can send a bulk of SMS in one click.            

The Viber Bomber app is very small in size but gives you ideas to explore Viber official app differently. You can prank your friends by sending thousands of messages in a single click and they will definitely be confused about what’s going on with them. 

Features of Viber Bomber:

Apps that are going to be famed in front of the general public contain dozens of features.

  • Using the app, you will prank any Viber user by sending unlimited messages. 
  • You can manually add the number of messages.
  • It will never ban your account.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • Don’t include any harmful content.
  • Very small in APK size.
  • Don’t require any complicated registration.
  • Don’t require any payment.
  • And much more.


If you want to use the Bomber for Viber application on your Android Os, then Viber official app must be installed on your device. Without an official app, the SMS bombing app is useless, so don’t uninstall the official app.   

How to use Viber Bomber?

1-First, of all download the Viber Bomber APK file for the link provided.

2-For hassle-free installation enables “unknown source” located in the security area.

3-After installing lunch, the application.

4-It will automatically redirect into the accessibility setting.

viber bomber app

5-Scroll down and click on the app name.

6-Turn on the button mentioned in the right corner.

viber bomber apk

7-Now open the Viber app and select any user from the contact sheet.

8-Click on the small icon and choose the number of messages.

9-Put your message in an empty box.

10-After writing your message, click on the send button.


Now you can download Viber Bomber APK file free from the link provided. And don’t forget to download WhatsApp ultimate bomber for more entertainment.

Additional Information

June 29, 2024