Box MLBB Pro 2021

Box MLBB Pro 2021

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Box MLBB Pro 2021 Review:

Since the beginning of 2021, gamers have collected some of the best Android mod applications. Developers have also learned many new tricks to construct fruitful tools. Thus, it keeps motivated both of them. On the other hand, most mods are exclusively for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Some have specific cheats, while others perform multiple tasks at a time. Similarly, Box MLBB Pro is also one of these best mod apps. Its developer has recently updated its features, after which you will have new experiences.

For instance, Drone View, ML Skins, Battle Effects, Backgrounds, Maps are much more than its last edition. Besides all, it was not a popular app yet. Indeed, it is emerging gradually. Those, who have used it, call it a masterpiece. If you want to get all these ML items free of cost, then download the Box MLBB Pro Injector latest version. It not only reserves the ML currency in your account but also avoids the extra expenses on these things. Hence, enhance your artistry without sacrificing anything.

If you consider such modifying tools a beneficial thing for your gaming, then don’t wait anymore. And apply Box MLBB Pro app to access premium items for nothing. Drone View is much better now. It is one time more powerful. Similarly, some new skins for different heroes have been added to increase their powers. Since the app is continuously under process, therefore you may not open a few items temporarily. So, don’t worry about it. It will get fixed soon. Battle Effects are the same as in the last edition but with new refinements.

Features of Box MLBB Pro:

The following description will help you to know the main elements of this tool. So, let have a look.

Drone View:

You know, a drone camera expands the surrounding view on the battlefield. Therefore, every player wants to see most things to make a better strategy. Here, you have these options for the drone.

  • X3, X4, X5
  • And, also Delete All Drone

ML All Skins:

When you open a role to get a skin for ML heroes, Box MLBB Pro gives you a tutorial about the utilization of a Skin.

  • Skin Painted; It’s an extra advantage in this tool that you also enjoy some painted Skins free.
  • Skin Assassin; 3 or 4 skins are present for these heroes. Fanny, Lancelot, Hanzo, Gusion, Hayabusa, Ling, Karina
  • Skin Fighter; Even 06 skins are attainable for a specific hero. Alucard, Aldous, Chou, Guinevere, Zilong, Roger, Leomord, Paquito, Dyrroth
  • Skin Mage; Likewise, 12 characters are open. Gord, Harith, Selena, Valir, Vale, Odette, Change, Kagura, Harley, Pharsa, Esmeralda, and Aurora
  • Skin Marksman; Get 04 costumes for each of Kimmy, Granger, Lesley, Yi Sun-Shin, Claude, Wan Wan, Hanabi, Bruno, Clint, Irithel, Brody, and Miya, etc.
  • Skin Support; Skins for Angela, Carmilla, Diggie, Nana, Kaja, etc.
  • Skin Tank; Grock, Uranus, Jonshon, Franco, Gatotkaca, Khufra, Barats are available this time.

Unlock All Effects:

Effects are essential to beautify the game layout in addition to the player’s styles. Thus, Box MLBB Pro lets you inject the following MLBB Effects. Open them and add according to the rules.

  • Unlock Effect Recall
  • Unlock Effect Respawn
  • Effect Battle Kill
  • Unlock Battle Notifications

More Menu:

Auxilliary things are stored here. It includes the following notable objects.

  • Battle Emote; Unlock 22+ Battle Emotes
  • Theme Background ML; You can unlock backgrounds for MLBB
  • Custom Intro ML; 8+ different options are accessible.
  • Custom Map; You will be able to unlock it.
  • Analog; 12+ Custom Analogs are attainable, like Bruno, Harley, etc.
  • Backsound MLBB; Unlock 14+ custom backsounds for Mobile Legends

Extra Features of Box MLBB Pro:

  • It is a free tool with the latest features.
  • Regular updates have refined it much.
  • Some new elements are under pipeline.
  • Easy use & bugs free app.
  • Simple layout with classified content.
  • Free of ads.
  • Many more services.

What’s New in Box MLBBPro 2021?

  • New user-interface
  • Fix all backup hero MLBB
  • Add Skin Aurora; Special, Zodiac, KOF
  • Add Skin Harith; 515 Party
  • Backsound for PUBG, FF, MLBB Old
  • Add Custom Analog
  • Add Emote Chou Be Happy and more

How to use Box MLBB Pro?

  1. First, you have to get the updated version from the given link. So, get it free from the link.
  2. Install the downloaded app by giving permissions.
  3. Then open it and tap the LOG IN icon instantly. Thus, you will see its main menu.
  4. Finally, you can select a specific category from any four available. Each one has further divisions of ML items. So, find out your requirements.
  5. Moreover, you have to allow access to your SD card. So, it can save any object you need. Nothing more.


If you have used its last version, then you would be clear about its importance. This time, new additions have made it more attractive. Besides it, many items will be visible after a short period. Therefore, have a little patience to enjoy something remarkable. In the end, if you are looking for an updated & sturdy tool to control the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then Box MLBB Pro 2021 APK will end your hunger. So, enjoy it with extra large freedom and good thing it didn’t need any password to unlock.

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July 10, 2024