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Chou Skin Review:

Hello MLBB fans, today I am here with another sensational Android app named Chou Skin Injector. No doubt if you here and reading this post, it means you are fully aware of Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLLB). In ML different characters are programmed to perform their specific activities. And for each character officials develop unique and beautiful skins and using these skins game lovers can increase the visual graphic of their character. There are two types of skins available which are free and premium. Free skins are fully unlocked for universal use, indeed premium are not free and you have to buy premium skins.

Chou Skin is specifically designed for fans of Chou character. And if you are using Chou character then you don’t need to pay any payment for unlocking premium skins. Using this great Chou Skin Injector, you can unlock and access all premium skins. Moreover, you can unlock Gusion skins using Gusion Skin Injector app.

How to use Chou Skin Injector?

The app doesn’t need any password. So, it’s quite easy to use, however you can follow the below steps.

  1. Download the APK file via the given link available above.
  2. Next, install the application on any supported device.
  3. When the installation procedure complete, open the app.
  4. Now you are on the main interface f app and you will see various skins.
  5. Just tap on the skin you want to change in ML game.
  6. When the injection process complicated you can see changes in the MLBB game.

How Chou Skin Injector is helpful for you?

You are already familiar with the MLBB game function and the name also describes its functions. if you are thinking that it might be a skin injector tool like Kaneki ML Injector and EZ Starts then you are thinking right. But the difference is that the Chou Skin only unlock the premium skin of Chou character. Therefore, if you are playing the MLBB game with given character then this app proved heaven for you.

Chou Skin’s list:

  • Chou backup skin
  • Elite
  • Special
  • K.O.F
  • Epic
  • Starlight
  • Hiphop


In the presence of Chou Skin injector, you can unlock the paid skins of chou character conveniently. So, download the app APK file free and direct from this page if you are desire to get chou skins for free.

Additional Information

April 7, 2023