How to create Teen Patti World account and deposit and withdraw money?

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Teen Patti World is the most thrilling card game in South Asia and other parts...

Teen Patti World is the most thrilling card game in South Asia and other parts of the country. It is key to your dreams that offers you many chances to earn real money. The games available here are prevalent among teenagers and a new generation. They can make money by investing a small amount in the game of 3 Patti series Teen Patti Show, 3 Patti Room and Teen Patti Happy Club. You can use various other ways to earn, including sharing and referring your link to friends and loved ones.

Teen Patti World is a trusted platform that offers loyalty programs to make money rapidly. Several other features of the app have a significant effect on your game. So if you want a shortcut to earn money, try your luck playing prevalent games through this platform. Here we will make you understand the whole process of creating an account, registering, and logging in. But before going to follow the process, first, you need to get the APK file of the app, so click the button and get the app.

Teen Patti World

How to create an account?

To create an account, you must first download the APK from any trusted site and install it on your device. Once the installation process is done, the application will appear on your phone’s screen. Tap it and wait for a while until it works on updates. When the system becomes functional, two options will appear on your screen entitled as

  • Login.
  • Play as a guest.

Click on the “Play as a guest” option for further procedure.

Note: Sometimes, users come with an issue and cannot complete the process because the system shows an error. If it happens to you, don’t panic because it is due to exceeded number of IPS. To resolve the issue, download any VPN and let the app configure VPN. The application will become functional this time, and you can proceed.

Process for creating an account:

It is time to create your account, providing the necessary information to access the games. There you will encounter several further procedures, including:

  1. Mail Name: Provide your mail name here and click the get button to get OPT.
  2. OPT: The system will mail the OPT to your mail. Write that in the OTP space.
  3. Captcha: Captcha combines letters and numbers under the get option. Put them the way they are visible to you.
  4. Password: Set a password to your account. Ensure that your password is strong; add a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters so that an unauthorized person won’t be able to steal your password.
  5. Repeat Password: Rewrite the password in this space to confirm your password.
  6. Phone number: Add your phone number here. Make sure the number you have provided here is accurate.

Note: The email verification code is in the inbox or junk mail box (Spam).

How do you deposit funds in 3 Patti World?

There are several ways to deposit your fund for participating in games. As options available here are as follows:

  1. Jazz cash
  2. Easy paisa
  3. B-Pay
  4. Lucky Pay

Choose any options, select the amount you want to deposit, and click on add chips/funds.

After this, a Google page opens, and you need to put your wallet number from where you want to add funds. You will receive an OTP on your phone number. Put the OPT in the required section and click on allow button to complete the process.

How to Withdraw Capital from Teen Patti World?

Players can withdraw their cash using two different ways.

  1. Jaaz cash.
  2. Easy paisa.

Although the cash-out process is straightforward, we will still provide important information that will help you while withdrawing money. There are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Click the withdraw option at the bottom right of your screen, and add your phone number.
  2. The next menu will appear from where you can choose options of cash-out, which we mentioned above.
  3. Selecting an option, enter the name and number where your account is functional.

After completing this procedure, the fund will be transferred to your account in a few minutes. You can process three transactions at the same time.

Note: Remembering that the withdrawal process can’t change once you have pinned all the information is important. So make sure that your wallet name and number are accurate and authentic.

How to claim bonuses?

As we told you earlier, the platform offers many options to make money. You can use unlimited ways to collect funds. Among them, the most straightforward way is to claim bonuses. The description of bonuses and promotions offered by the app are:

Sign-in bonuses: The sign-in bonus is given to every individual once they register and create an account.

Daily bonus: It is provided to every individual whether they are a regular player or not. They can claim them daily.

Weekly bonus: Weekly bonuses can be claimed once a week. There are 24 hours to claim weekly bonuses. If you didn’t claim them in that given time, you wouldn’t be able to get the rewards of that week again.

Progress: The progress bonus is based on your stability and progress in the game. It depends on the skills and tricks you use to progress in the game rapidly.

Level bonus: It is given to you according to the level at which level you are playing and how many players are below you.

Spin wheel: The spin wheel has three options to claim bonuses. You can get silver, gold, and diamond bonuses by spinning them.

Referral bonuses: You can earn money by referring your link to friends and family. It is the easiest way, where your friend plays a game using your referral, and a significant amount will be automatically credited to your account. Along with this, you will also get an amount when they deposit funds for playing. You can use them for playing, as well as you can withdraw them.

First deposit bonus: This bonus is for everyone who deposits a balance for the first time. By depositing money, you will earn a handsome amount as a prize.


We have provided all the essential information in this article about How to create Teen Patti World. Hopefully, after reading it, you will know everything regarding the app and its benefits. The app’s UI and operating system are also easy, so that you won’t face any problems. Download Teen Patti World and experience unique gameplay in a peaceful environment.