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Zong Xotic Patcher Review:

The recent edition of the Zong Xotic Patcher allows the users to inject several cheats in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Skins for Heroes, Emotes, Recalls, Skin to Skin, and a few other freebies are easy to access. If you play the MLBB game on an Android device, then get this free tool.

Indeed, Zong Xotic Patcher is mainly for the gamers who lack in-game resources and cannot buy them due to high prices. This article will describe all the good qualities of this small application. You can download it after reading all information. Yet, old users can replace it simply with the previous version.

You know that a gamer feels satisfaction only when the chain of success continues. In battle games, every player wishes to win the fights by hook or by crook. Yet, it is not as simple as the competition is high due to multiplayer mode. Similarly, Mobile Legends also create hurdles for players who don’t have sufficient gaming resources. Since the cost of premium stuff is out of reach for most fans, very few try to purchase them. While the remaining gamers use mod tools to unlock all the material provided by a third person.

Features of Zong Xotic Patcher:

The latest version is a bit different from its old forms. Now, the developer has changed the number of freebies. If you don’t find a satisfactory amount of usable cheats, then get another tool from here, like Papskie Injector and Raymond TV Modz. Anyway, we can point out its salient features as follows.

  • Battle Emotes
  • Recalls Animations
  • Skin to Skin
  • Suggested Skins
  • Skins for Fighter, Assassin
  • Mage, Tank, Support, MM

You can avail of 18 choices for each Emote & Recall. And the injection process is also painless. The Skin to Skin feature lets you get rid of the old-fashioned & boring costumes. As a result, your avatars get revised immediately. There are a few Suggested Skins too. You can pick them quickly. Above all, Free MLBB Skins for all 06 Roles are handy. Hence, you don’t need to fall in trouble for this element. The major changes in the app are understandable now. But don’t feel sad. These tools keep changing the freebies gradually.

How to use Zong Xotic Patcher?

  1. Download the newest Zong Patcher APK file first.
  2. And install it after allowing Unknown Sources.
  3. Open the installed app to get the free items.
  4. So, choose any one group from the list.
  5. All the getable options will come up, and you can INJECT them.
  6. Moreover, the process of getting the Skin to Skin feature is also written in the app.

On the other hand, it is not a certified app to unlock the premium elements of MLBB. That’s why it is illegal to use. You have to ensure the protective measures, like the use of a virtual app or a rooted device. No doubt, it will minimize the possible risks.


Overall, Zong Xotic Patcher is an updated app with the new cheats. You will not pay any service charges to it in return. Currently, it is usable without a password. If the developer locks it, we will provide you that password. So, enjoy this ad-free version on Android phones. For more brilliant mod apps & tools, you can visit our site APKFolder 24/7.

Additional Information

January 6, 2024