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Zalaxis Rank Booster

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Zalaxis Rank Booster Review:

Have a look at a brand-new ML tool to boost your rank in the Mobile Legends, Bang Bang like the wind. For this purpose, you have to install the latest version of the Zalaxis Rank Booster. I can bet that it is the most diverse rank booster to the day. In reality, it has plenty of mod menus for separate objectives. For instance, Rank Booster, Unlock All Skin, Drone View, Mythical Glory, Server Menus, etc., are likely to astonish you. If you always try to improve your rank in the MLBB battles but never get results. Then, check this free tool now.

Zalaxis Rank Booster will allow customizing various parts of the game. As a result, you will find yourself on the top of the scoreboard. Moreover, it is compatible even with the Android 11 in addition to previous versions. Use all these cheats to fly like a missile. No one can catch you on the exotic battlefields.

We always share different kinds of cheating tools such as IRGI TERBAIK, Skin Tools ML and more performing specific functions. One of these categories of mod tools is rank-boosting apps. In fact, a rank booster is a tool that lets you insert scripts into the game after bypassing the security levels. Hence, the user never pays for it but enjoys pro features. Former tools were not as efficient as the Zalaxis Rank Booster. If the truth is told, this masterpiece is incomparable to others. It is an all-in-one package indeed. Each & every mod menu plays a role to uplift your points to change the final results.

Features of Zalaxis Rank Booster:

While using this app, you don’t have to download all the cheats one by one. Instead, it provides inbuilt hacks. And you need to activate them only. Thus, it is an extra benefit. If you open the app, you will see the following list of different menus on its homepage.

  • Rank Booster – Get Damage Up, Team Pro, Enemy Lag, Enemy Bot, Attack Speed, etc.
  • Damage Up All Hero – MM 72%, Fighter 70%, Mage 63%, Support 23%, Tank 20%, Assassin 57%
  • Classic Booster – Auto Winstreak, Fast Farming, etc.
  • Configuration 60 FPS – Optimize CPU, GPU, Server, Ping, Fast Loading, etc.
  • Auto Aim Hook Franco – Magnet Hook 52%, Hook No Miss 68%, No Banned, Support All Devices
  • Unlock All Skin – This menu is not complete so far.
  • Drone View – 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, 5×6, etc.
  • Auto Mythical Glory – This is just a visual, and only you can see it.
  • Server Menu – Advance Server, Original Server

Many of you don’t know its comforts as yet. It is freely available for everyone to download and use on Android devices. A password is not required to open it. Similarly, it is functional on rooted and non-rooted smartphones. On the other hand, it is not a legal or official app for MLBB. Since it boosts your rank unfairly, therefore, ML officials can block your account. We are not forcing you to cheat. Instead, this article is purely to guide the gamers. Hence, use a virtual space app to activate the cheats of Zalaxis Rank Booster.


Despite its small size & lightweight, Zalaxis Rank Booster APK is a magical tool for Mobile Legends. It is a straightforward app that works instantly. If you are willing to have unfair advantages in the game, then download it now.

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March 13, 2024