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xZon Drone Review:

Hey folks! We hope you would be enjoying Mobile Legends Bang Bang with maximum essence. Our provided tools like AlphaBox 2021, Game VIP and many other are creating happiness for many desperate players. Now, they are winning matches depending on their skills & mod apps too. This time, we are back with the xZon Drone for MLBB. It has only one particular objective to amuse the fans, i.e., provides drone view cheats for nothing. The short description is attainable from this article. If you are interested in manipulating the game, then be connected with us 🤟.

No doubt, xZon Drone can inject a drone view of X2 to X8 without any interruption. Additionally, all four categories of drones are injectable with a single click just. Hence, it is not only a helping app but also easy to use. Do you want to explore the ML battlefields covering more areas? Then, this app is a good handout for you.

Why should you use this app? We will make it clear for you. Look, the broader view you have in the fight, the more things you can see. To prove this statement, you can test it in the match. Since all the ML fighters & gaming objects are spread on the island everywhere, therefore you have to be more conscious of the frontiers’ moves. Resultantly, you not merely develop your strategy about the battle but also picks the objects coming in your way. In short, covering more places gives you an upper hand.

Besides all, xZon Drone has a password you have to get while downloading the file. If you ignore it, you can’t open & use the app. So, move downward in this post, and see the secret code to unlock the app.

Features of xZon Drone:

  • It is a free app offering you different ranges of drone cameras for MLBB.
  • You get X2, X4, X6, and X8 choices for the drone camera.
  • All are accessible in an easy-peasy way.
  • Moreover, you can remove an injected cheat at any time during the game.
  • Then, it suggests you skin opening apps, like MarJoTech PH and others.
  • Hence, this beautiful development by the Zonic TV is friendly & helpful.
  • You don’t have to install the game separately since it’s playable inside the app.
  • Simple UI, no subscription, and lots of comforts you enjoy from here.

How to use the xZon Drone?

  1. Click the active download link to get the app first.
  2. Next, install it on Android OS to get cheats in the MLBB.
  3. Use the password ”otso” to access its menu.
  4. Then open it and select any range of drone views from four options.
  5. Finally, click the INJECT icon in front of each drone hack.
  6. In the right bottom corner, find the MLBB icon and open the game. You will enjoy the injected drone camera indeed.


The significance of an extensive drone view is transparent from this discussion. You would have felt this need somewhere in the game. Since the game doesn’t let you use varying drone cameras, therefore xZon Drone APK is a free source to get it on your Android phone. Ultimately, you will touch your final goal sooner or later by using these features. Above all, find more gifts of this kind from our site. We have many more things exceeding your imaginations.

Additional Information

March 5, 2024