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DIMENTOZ MODZ is an amazing tool that will significantly resolve all the trouble of MLBB players. It enables you to play the game the way you want. You can turn the challenging game in your favor without caring about rules and regulations. Players can manage and customize things according to their will. It allows you to apply various hacks that other tools may deter you from doing. In this way, one can make the game easy and comfortable for themselves. Additionally, the application is easy to use and doesn’t require skills and experience to operate it.

The Mod Menu has been experienced and proven to be an external helping hand for players. Injecting DIMENTOZ MODZ into the game, players are getting success in the game effortlessly. Due to these reasons, opponents become curious about its magical effects. Suppose you are also one of the die heart fans of MLBB and want to play the game without hassle. The app grants help and assures you to make the game a piece of cake for players. It overcomes all the game’s challenges and lets you defeat crazy and bloodthirsty enemies at your fingertips. This way, you can fulfill all your gaming desires and reach your destination successfully.

In addition to this, you can apply various hacks and cheats while playing the game. It also enables you to take all the safety measures to protect yourself. You can unlock many other things, including costumes, heroes, skins, emblems, emotes, and many other elements in the game. The mod is the overall solution to your problems and grants to provide a peaceful environment. Here you can get everlasting entertainment and also can enhance your gaming skills at the same time. 

Features of DIMENTOZ MODZ:

There are many features of the app. Among them, the most essential features that have a significant effect on your game are as follows:

Unlock Skins: Skins are the primary elements in the game that everyone wants to customize. It allows players to unlock skins, and you can access a hub of skins in a single click. Here you can get all the premium and painted skins free of cost. Changing skins creates a feel and attaches the player more to the game. 

Drone View: Enabling it, you can keep an eye on the whole scenario of the battleground. It helps you make decisions and identify the location of the enemy. As it results, you can target the enemy without wasting time diagnosing the area and location where opponents used to hide. You can adjust the drone horizontally and vertically up to 30X. Also, there are levels like 2X, 4X, and 6X to clarify things.

ESP Alerts: The injector has an ESP Alerts 360 where you can manage different things. It helps you know the hero’s name, health, and distance. 

Menu Hack: It allows you to explore the following things while playing MLBB. Among them, the top elements that need to take into account are:

  • Show Room Info.
  • Make the mini-map Icon visible.
  • Unlock the emblem.
  • Show the enemy bar.

Auto-Aim: This feature helps you to target your priority easily and quickly. It also allows you to adjust the distance and HP percentage. You can minimize and maximize the FOV range according to your comfort. Easily adjustable things here are:

  •  Closest Distance.
  •  Lowest HP.
  • Lowest HP percentage.


DIMENTOZ MODZ is a helping hand that strengthens you and polishes your skills. You can also perform different activities simultaneously under this application without following rules. By applying hacks and cheats, players can perfectly manage a challenging game easily and comfortably. Download the tool to create a magical effect in MLBB and enjoy its hidden characteristics.

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February 22, 2024