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XMobile Bangmamet Booster Review:

If you are a noob like me and crave for a tool that can make you victorious in the Mobile Legends, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we’ll review a fabulous app to make you a winner while fighting the legends. It is XMobile Bangmamet Booster that provides you multiple cheats in the game.

It contains some extraordinary features like Rank Booster, Auto Win Streak, Enemy Damage, Anti-Ban, and much more. Now surprise your viewers and enemies by expressing your improved acting skills. You can pick this tool by clicking the download button, as it’s free.

What is XMobile Bangmamet Booster?

Every player, both newbie & expert, searches on the internet for something to hack the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, to deceive the opponents. All these efforts are to get the next level in the game so that one can enjoy the new features in the game. It has become easy with the help of cheating tools, and the players don’t take it illegal activity to use such kind of tools.

XMobile Bangmamet Booster has emerged with multiple excellent features in one place. It has three categories in the main menu that are further divided into various options. You can select many cheats and start playing with boosted energy. It’ll enhance your interest in the battle. MMR Booster, Team No Feed, Team No Lag, Fast Farming, Get Team Pro are some of its exciting features to make you a pro player. We have explained prominent features with details in the coming lines.

Features of XMobile Bangmamet Booster:

You’ll get the following benefits in the Mobile Legends by using this tool.

  • Inject Mode: You can inject your favorite mode before starting the battle. You can use its features both for a solo player and a team. You can also choose the Ranked or Classic mode to amaze the frontiers.
  • Auto win streak: It can show you a winner of the battle magically, without any hard work.
  • Get Team Pro: This is one of best option that will bring Pro players in your team, so you can easily kill your enemies.
  • High Defends: It acts as a shield to give you protection from the enemy attacks.
  • High Damage: You can shake your enemies by damaging them, thus reducing their health.
  • Rank Booster: XMobile Bangmamet Booster works to improve your rank in the game by allowing you various cheats or hacks.
  • Fix Enemy Lag: If you activate this option, your enemies will respond a little later, yet your fighting speed will be much improved.
  • Anti-Ban: While using this cheating tool, you will not be detected by the gaming authorities as it has a built-in anti-ban feature.
  • Anti-Detect: However, with this option, you can showcase yourself a normal gamer but on the other hand you can inject cheats in the game.
  • Free & Latest Tool: It is free to use and much better than older apps to hack the Mobile Legends. It is compatible with the latest version of MLBB.
  • Server: You can connect your game with different servers to gain extra advantages. Currently, you can connect with a server in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Camboja, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.  

How to download and use:

  1. First download XMobile Bangmamet Booster MLBB APK file latest version through the available above link.
  2. Next, allow all the permission after installing the app.
  3. Open the application and select the desire cheats.
  4. When cheats injection process finish just tap on the button “Open Mobile Legend” which exist in the app.
  5. Now the game will begin in your Android phone with all applied changes.
  6. Enjoy the game and repeat the process if you want to inject more cheats.


If you want to inject powerful cheats in the MLBB to enjoy the victory, then XMobile Bangmamet Booster is a suitable option. It not only damages your enemies in the game but also protects you from their attacks. You can easily win the game by having this tool.

However, our recommendation is to use these cheating tools on the guest account, to avoid any risk.

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March 16, 2024