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X Eroz Patcher Review:

X Eroz Patcher is another unused app for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It unlocks 100s of skins for many MLBB Heroes. Verily, the user has to go through its catalogue to own the desired costumes. Additionally, Battle Effects & Popular Skins are also a part of its menu. Above all, it is useable on Android 11 as well. If you are searching for an easy & safe mod tool for MLBB, then get this one free of cost. The app is new, and very few know about it so far. Thus, you can be the first explorer of its features. All cheats are accessible without any password.

Do you come on this website for the first time? Then, give your few minutes. Go to the homepage and find the most used & most popular tools for different MOBAs, like MLBB, FF. Our regular visitors know our reputation very well. New apps, injectors, patchers, and mod menus of famous games are handy. Thus, you are in the perfect place.

Anyway, our main focus is on the X Eroz Patcher. No doubt, we got very magnificent tools in the past. As a result, all fans could make speedy progress in the game. But the security updates in the MLBB servers have blocked many tools. Thus, many are looking for new ways. Luckily, we are here with an amazing offer. Installing the X Eroz Injector will resume your journey once again. You don’t have to bear pricey items because of the inbuilt features of this app. This alternative is much more effective than the older tools. Are you impatient for its services?

Features of X Eroz Patcher:

Mobile Legends is a successful game on smartphones. However, Android users enjoy it more deeply, owing to the cheating tools. Hence, make your characters more powerful & better instead of their dull looks & ordinary powers.

Unlock Skins – More or less, 400 costumes are getable from the app. The number of heroes and costumes are present in its menu.

  • Assassin: Gusion, Fanny, Lancelot, Selena, Ling, Karina, Natalia, Helcurt, Hayabusa, Saber, Hanzo, Benedetta, Aamon.
  • Marksman: Lesley, Granger, Hanabi, Karrie, Claude, Kimmy, Miya, Layla, Clint, Yi Sun-Shin, Bruno, Moskov, Wan Wan, Roger, Popol Kupa, Brody, Beatrix.
  • Mage: Cecilion, Pharsa, Alice, Valir, Change, Vale, Kadita, Lylia, Harith, Cyclops, Lenox, Zhask, Odette, Kagura, Harley, Aurora, Eudora, Gord, Lou Yi, YVE, Esmeralda.
  • Fighter: Chou, Aldous, Guinevere, Badang, Xborg, Alucard, Zilong, Dyrroth, Jawhead, Silvana, Thamuz, Leomord, Argus, Sun, Freya, Martis, Lapu-Lapu, Terizla, Masha, Paquito, Yo Zhong, Alpha, Rubby, Aulus.
  • Tank: Franco, Johnson, Khufra, Uranus, Grock, Akai, Hylos, Atlas, Hilda, Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Baxia, Lolita, Balmond, Tigreal, Barats, Phoveus.
  • Support: Nana, Angela, Diggie, Estes, Rafaela, Kaja, Carmilla, Faramus, Mathilda, Florin.

All Effects – Unlock all the Battle Effects, including the following.

  • Recalls
  • Respawns
  • Elimination

Skin Upgrade – Unlock custom skins with the upgraded skins with the following options.

  • Skin Painted
  • Upgrade Skins
  • Skin Custom

More Menu – A few other elements are also present in the X Eroz Patcher.

  • Battle Emotes
  • Loading Screen
  • Analog Custom

Other Benefits – Besides these qualities, users will enjoy many more comforts.

  • Drone Views
  • Free App
  • No Ads
  • No Password
  • Simple UI
  • Updated Tool

What’s New in X Eroz Patcher 2021:

  • Work on Android 11
  • Added 7 Skins
  • Gusion Soul Revelation
  • Lunox Soul Revelation
  • Hayabusa Shura
  • Lesley Falcon Mistress
  • Cyclops Halloween
  • Aamon Normal
  • Added Recalls
  • Emotes
  • Loading Screen
  • Addes Skin
  • Upgrade Skins
  • Skin Custom
  • And much more


If you want to avail all of these luxuries without paying any money, download the X Eroz Patcher right now. You can install the app enabling the Unknown Sources from the Security Settings of your phone. Since it doesn’t demand any fee or login credentials, therefore you feel easy with it. Above all, it is an anti-ban tool with the latest features. The number of skins is admirable because very few tools offer such comforts. That’s it.

Additional Information

March 6, 2024