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WG Map Injector Review:

In this post, we’ve shared the latest working WG Map Injector APK file, so you can enjoy your favorite map on Mobile Legend Bang Bang without paying a single penny.

WG Map Injector is the first-ever custom map injector application for MOBA players and currently, the application possesses five popular maps of the MLBB game.  If you are playing MLBB for a long time, then absolutely this amazing tool map injector mobile legends will be proved heaven for you.

If you’re a beginner player to Mobile Legends Bang Bang, we can assure you that it’s a fun experience for players of all ages. There are tons of customization options, traits, and matches formation that keep you on the edge of your seat for hours. Every hero in the game comes with a specialized attachment and formation that is unique in terms of gameplay dynamics. You never get enough of the game as there are so many things to do. The satisfaction of cool skins, to amazing vector-based maps, has an unmatched fan base around the world.

This is why fans look for multiple ways to access the features that are limited or in the premium category. For a complete list of Maps, the best hack tool is WG Map Injector. The tool is developed by Worst Gaming which is a famous skin injector provider for the Mobile Legend game. The app injects into the system settings and revokes the code section that restricts your usage for the specified feature. It won’t download full-size hacks and completely replace the game files. It just changes the section of code and replaces it with a custom-coded section for advanced or hacked features.

Features of WG Map Injector:

  • One-click Install.
  • Works on non-rooted devices.
  • No signup or registration required.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • 5+ maps included
  • Direct download and import map function.
  • Background change.
  • Anti-account ban system.

WG Map Injector Maps List:

  1. Badlands Map (Size:6.44 MB)
  2. Realistic Map (Size:5.98 MB)
  3. HDR Map (Size:6.31 MB)
  4. League of League Map (Size:5.25 MB)
  5. Highway Map (Size:5.37 MB)

Is it safe to use Worst Gaming Map Injector?

Although it’s an injector tool and it doesn’t fully change the game files, it’s still a safe move if you use a VPN while you initiate the injector settings. Once you’ve successfully injected the map, you can close the VPN and play the game normally.


Most of the injector tools are secure with a password due to security issues. And unfortunately, this app is also password protected but don’t worry, we are also going to share functional pass here. Each time you wanna access the app, you have to provide the password that is given below.

How to use WG Map Injector?

It is very simple to inject a custom map using WG Map Injector app. All you have to do is download and install the tool in your rooted or non-rooted Android device. Once done, head over to the original game and open it. Once you’re in the lobby, close it and let it run on the background. Now open the tool and tap to download the map. Now, the map adds into the game automatically.


WG Map Injector APK is fresh in the gaming community and not yet popular but it will amaze you with its best features. So, download the app right now and surprise other MLBB players by unlocking an advanced level of maps in MLBB.

Additional Information

December 22, 2023