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Virtual 11 Review:

Gone is the days when people had to buy specific devices to play video games. Nowadays, a smartphone is an all-in-one device, and the majority of gamers use their phones & tablets for this purpose. Since the quality of video or simulation games has gotten the purest form, therefore more & more people are interested in mobile gaming. If you can’t handle a video game correctly on your phone, use the Virtual 11 app for Androids. Indeed, it lets you connect your phone with a Gamepad, Keyboard, or Mouse, etc.

With Vitrual 11 app, you can play shooting and other games perfectly since you will have better & faster controls on the game. Which one is your favorite, PUBG, Free Fire, MLBB, Rules of Survival, or any other? Play all games just like on bigger devices with Octopus Mod.

No doubt, smartphones & tablets are portable, useful, and light in weight. But their touchscreens are small, and it restricts the users to have better controls. So, it’s not the right option for some games, like fighting, sports, arcade, etc. In this situation, you have to buy an Android Game pad so that you can play the desired game as per its requirements. However, you can also connect other operating systems, like PC Keyboard, Xbox, or even PS Gamepads, with your phone. It is possible with the Virtual 11 Android app.

Additionally, this app uses the Bluetooth feature to connect the wireless systems with a smartphone. By connecting all these peripherals, you don’t have to use the touchscreen, and resultantly, you can keep an eye on each part without any barrier. Above all, it is simple to use for all gamers.

Also, clone apps and games and use two accounts of a single app. Indeed, you can clone hacking apps to hack popular Android games like PUBG, Free Fire, MLBB, COD, and more.

Features of Virtual 11:

  • You have many choices to connect gaming devices, e.g., gamepads, keyboards, etc., with your phone.
  • It saves your default settings for a particular device and then uses it for next time. Hence, you don’t have to adjust settings again & again.
  • It permits you to add dozens of games to it from your device.
  • Regular personalization recognizes several devices.
  • Further, connect the wireless gaming tools with your phone using the Bluetooth feature.
  • You will feel like playing games on PC due to this amazing tool.
  • It shows you trending games from which you can find one of your interests.
  • Moreover, enjoy a 360-degree mouse movement.
  • Simple UI with easy controls.
  • Compatible with Android 11 as well.

How to Play Games with Virtual 11?

  • So, first, install this app on your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s the latest & correct option, so do not worry about it.
  • Then, turn ON the Bluetooth in the connecting device, and set its connection with your phone. You can confirm whether it’s connected with your phone or not by seeing it in the app.
  • Also, wired devices are connectable via a cable.
  • Now, add games from the phone or directly from the Play Store, using the My Games tab in the app.
  • Open the Gamepad Calibration inside the app to see settings.
  • Then, adjust all settings according to the peripheral, and start playing a game.
  • Besides it, you can watch the video on Virtual 11 usage in the app.


To conclude, Virtual 11 APK is a great app for mobile gamers since it connects their phones with peripherals. Besides, it also gives suggestions for a specific game-related to controls. Resultantly, you can get the upper hand over frontiers. If you want to play games on mini-screens just like you enjoy on a computer screen, then Virtual 11 is a good choice at this time. Finally, get the free app and start gaming.

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March 22, 2024