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Unhappy Raccoon

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Unhappy Raccoon Review:

If you searching for monstrous games? Are tired of playing the same old, boring fighting games? Are you struggling to find games with the best resolutions? If yes then this article is for you and it’s going to be soo much fun and useful for you. Then keep reading this article till the end. Unhappy Raccoon is a game developed on a monstrous theme. Where the player is supposed to kill monsters from different locations by fighting them. At the starting levels, you are provided with a protective shield and then with the progress, you get different items and awards. You can purchase different items with your earned points. So, you can collect your companions and build for you a bigger team. You are supposed to explore the universe and search for wandering monsters in the galaxy.

You have to build a spaceship in Unhappy Raccoon game so you can travel in space easily. In this game, your character is a brave and strong raccoon god. Who is not afraid of anything and is the savior of his nation. You are the most focused and important character in the game. The theme of the game is that a Raccoon God builds a universe and he is so strong that no one can win a fight with him. This game features Roguelike which is a kind of virus built with different characteristics. They can be used to protect their world. Other teammates have their own unique characteristics and they will be the heroes of the game who will fight for their World.

Moreover, you will be provided with stylish and modern outfits matching your abilities and specifications regarding your powers. The player is supposed to travel into space and find survivors and alive fighters and rescue them. So, it will help you to build a bigger team. 

What is Unhappy Raccoon:

This is a space-fighting game. Where the world created by a raccoon god is being damaged and destroyed by monsters and your raccoon team will fight and kill them. The name of the game is a sad raccoon. Because the god raccoon is sad and your mission is to kill your enemies. Moreover, it offers him all you won in the fights. And give him good pieces of news so he can be happy. The game has realistic high-resolution features and eye-catching colors.

The Unhappy Raccoon will be provided with modern and stylish outfits matching space themes. Your team will be small at the start and you will have to make it bigger by finding new companies and survivals by searching them on other planets and you will be provided with different powers so you can fight with them. That Sad looking Raccoon God has enough powers that he can kill you easily if you fail in your missions. So, make sure you take this challenge if you are capable of it. 

Features of Unhappy Raccoon:

  • Heros: You will see different heroes which can fight regarding their different abilities.
  • Explore the universe: The layout and overall display of the game are very eye-catching and you will find it exciting and interesting to explore different planets in the game.
  • High-resolution graphics: This game is not like other childish games you will be astonished to see high-resolution graphics and realistic backgrounds.
  • Modernized Cool Costumes: You will get cool and different space costumes matching the powers given to you.      
  • Powers and rewards: You will have some powers at basic levels but with each stage, your power of fighting will be inscribed and you will be provided with rewards and bonus points.
  • Regular updates: This game will never get boring as we keep on adding different. It is a new and useful feature to the game every few weeks.


Unhappy Raccoon APK game is a whole package of entertainment and adventure. The first fighting game with such missions. Where adults get scared and confused, download it as my challenge and prove what you are capable of. See you next time with more interesting apps and games and you may also check Rise of Eros

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December 25, 2023