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TsukuYomi Injector Review:

Do you know the benefits of using the latest mod tools? Well, the main factor is you can minimize the risks of account loss. As a result, all your progress in the game would be safe. Therefore, we will make you familiar with an unused Android app, i.e., TsukuYomi Injector. It is another recently produced injector app for Mobile Legends Bang Bang developed by TsukuYomi YT. And you can make changes in the game quietly by applying it. So, get the app free of cost from this platform.

TsukuYomi Injector tool contains both battle hacks and custom hacks. Almost one dozen cheats are handy, like Radar No Icon, ESP, Drone, Skin, and more importantly, Unlimited Gold. Isn’t it a cool & smashing app? Verily, it is. All these cheats mean you can build up your fighting skills in addition to other benefits. Luckily, you will not pay any cash for these services. No more demands exist for purchasing the premium in-game stuff. Instead, this safe source is quite attractive for you.

Features of TsukuYomi Injector:

You can read the following list with proper explanation. Though, it is somewhat similar to other injector apps like Ark Injector. But it retains its unique status. You can use this sweet app if your previous helper tools have stopped working.

The cheat list consists of the following three groups.

  • Battle Hack; Radar No Icon, ESP Lock, No Grass, Spam Chat, Fixed Grass, View 3D
  • Drone Camera; Vertical & Horizontal (0x to 20x)
  • Custom Hack; Unlock All ML Skin, Hide Player Name, Skill & Spell No-CD, Unlimited Gold

Do not underestimate the power of this study tool. It looks simple yet, competent enough to revamp the MLBB gameplay. Indeed, it affects the overall results of a match nicely. Hence, you can apply any of the above cheats.

Some other qualities of this app are:

  • First, it lets you upgrade your ML Heroes using particular skills.
  • Also, the battlefield becomes more suitable for you.
  • More importantly, Drone View is fabulous. Can you imagine up to a 20x increase in it?
  • Similarly, ML Skin will empower your avatars goodly.
  • And above all, Unlimited Gold in MLBB is goose bumping.
  • It is free to use for all fans.
  • It is simple to use.
  • The success rate would be very high.
  • No ads, no password, no root requirements
  • You can use the Clear Cache frequently to refresh the records.
  • Also, a video tutorial in the app guides you on how to use it.
  • Stable, bugs free and safe

Despite these remarkable features, TsukuYomi Injector is a third-party app developed by Teratai Biru. He made it for his fans to play the Mobile Legends effortlessly. But MLBB servers don’t permit you for it. Therefore, you have to use a fake account via a Virtual Space App. Otherwise, you may lose all your gaming progress at once.


MLBB fans are using hacking tools for a long time. They aim to unlock the pricey gaming stuff free. Happily, they have been successful in their mission. It is because the mod tools can control this game somehow. Resultantly, players get the desired features quickly. However, each of these modifying tools is not reliable. You need to get them from some reputable sources. For this, you can always trust us. So, download & install the TsukuYomi Injector APK right now.

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March 9, 2024