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Strange VPN Review:

Strange VPN is the best Android application to access a blocked website with full speed and security. Apart from this the VPN also provides a secure connection between most gaming apps like PUBG, CODM, and Garena Free Fire.

The Strange VPN’s best feature is that you can import or export host files. Using the host file you can run popular games on your Android phone without getting banned because you can upload an anti-ban host file into the app. Anti-ban host file you can create yourself can access from Google as well. Strange VPN directly imports the hack files of PUBG, Free Fire, and CODM. It changes your location every time you launch a certain app which in return ensures that you can use the hack file for a long time. Using Strang VPN also guarantees your account credentials and in-game resources.

There are a lot of websites that restrict schools, colleges, and working areas. Now there’s always a reason why these websites are restricted in such places but most of the time, it impacts some helpful websites too. The first thing that pop-up in your mind is to use a VPN tool. Suppose you’ve managed to get a hold of these sites but there’s always a risk of a security breach. Some VPN tool requires system permission that isn’t necessary and some even steal our account credentials. You will never know when a virus hit your device and the problem keeps coming. A possible fix is to use a trust worth VPN application tool and what’s better than Strange VPN?

Strange VPN is a full-featured Android VPN client tool that allows you to access secure private servers around the world. It is a 100% free VPN that helps us to access blocked websites with the most security measures. While keeping your device anonymous, the application provides you unmetered bandwidth so you never run out of browsing.

Features of Strange VPN:

  • Unblock all websites: unblock all ISP websites with a secure and private connection. Connect your favorite server for unmetered bandwidth.
  • Hack games: using the host service and multiple host files you can hack the most popular online games including Free Fire And PUBGM.
  • Generate new IP: creating new IP for your smartphone allows you to access the internet anonymously.
  • Hide location: hide your location from the mess of the world.
  • Gaming support: use your favorite game and hack without a ban. You will be assigned a new IP each time you open an application.
  • Custom host: If you have an idea of how to create a host file then you can create a host file yourself.
  • No Ads: block Ads of most android games and utility applications.
  • No root: the application works on both rooted and non-rooted android devices.
  • Free: It is a free version app and doesn’t contain any premium section.

How to use Strange VPN Host for PUBG?

  1. First of all download and install the Strange VPN APK file on your phone after downloading from the given above link.
  2. Download the working host file (anti-ban host file PUBG) on your devices.
  3. Lunch the app and tap on the “select hosts file” button.
  4. Upload the Anti-ban host file.
  5. Switch on the button.
  6. Now you are connected to a virtual private network.
  7. Enjoy.


On the web lots of VPN’s available for download and installation. But the function which makes Stange VPN Host unique is custom host file selection. Must download Strange VPN APK from the mentioned link above if you improve your VPN experience with the host file.

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January 4, 2024