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SoulTzy Patcher Review:

We see different color schemes for a particular hero in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Indeed, these are the skins that give powerful skills to the fighters along with some changes in the game. That’s why every ML player craves this object desperately. So, we have different fixed methods for this. Our recommendation goes in favor of the SoulTzy Patcher, a new mod tool to unlock skins and other things free. Are you eager to get it without any disturbance? Then, get it using the download link available above.

Though all fans are free to purchase anything from the game store yet, nothing is inexpensive or affordable. Except for the in-game currency, i.e., Diamonds, you can use Lucky Shop, Tickets, Fragment Shop, New Arrival Shop. Resultantly, you will be an owner of the Basic, Elite, Special, and other costumes. However, it is too pricey to avail of the skins. So, the ML guys use another way to open these skins, SoulTzy Patcher & similar others like ZPatcher Injector. Now, read the benefits of this sturdy patcher that will insist you to download it.

Features of SoulTzy Patcher:

First, see the available heroes for each main group. Doubtlessly, Elite, Epic, Legend, KOF, Collector, Starlight, Special, Zodiac, Lightborn, and Hero skins are present here for the following avatars.

  • Assassin; Gusion, Benedetta, Ling, Selena, YSS, Fanny, Lancelot, Helcurt, Karina
  • Fighter; Chou, Guinevere, Roger, Alucard, Leomord, Aldous, Dyrroth
  • Marksman; Claude, Granger, Bruno, Wan Wan
  • Mage; Esmeralda, Vale, Kagura
  • Tank; Akai, Khufra, Barats
  • Support; Angela

We have listed all the avatars for whom you can unlock various kinds of stunning costumes. This feature makes it a perfect app to get a skin for free. However, features are not limited to this object, see the following explanation.

  • Get free recall effect also.
  • Besides, you have 7 different choices to customize the splash screen.
  • Moreover, the skin to skin feature lets you exchange the costumes for three different heroes.
  • Then, Elimination Effect, e.g., K.O, Super Kill, etc., is within your reach.
  • Emotes will be available soon.
  • Recall to recall.
  • Auto Mythic, Auto Win.
  • You can restore your rank at any time. It means all the changes are reversible.
  • Free patcher to customize the MLBB
  • The dark mode is helpful for the users.
  • No ads beside it.
  • No root requirements is essential.
  • Many more.

Honestly, the remaining features except for the ML Skins are not appreciable yet. Since the number of these objects is not high, therefore you don’t have enough variety. However, the combining effect of all the cheats is productive & surprising. In summary, you do get the real advantages of using the SoulTzy Patcher.

How to use SoulTzy Patcher?

  1. First, ensure you have downloaded the latest APK file given here as it is the original & correct file.
  2. Second, install it by locating it inside the downloads’ folder.
  3. The prerequisites are over now, and try your luck by opening the tool.
  4. In the menu, click any desired object, especially skins, and inject it in the MLBB using the Get Skin button.
  5. Lastly, the MLBB icon in the app takes you to the game, so use it directly. Nothing else.


If you are facing any deficiency regarding the ML Skins and other things, then SoulTzy Patcher is good at this time. Though it is new, we’ll get more items in the next update. So, secure the tool before you get late. It not only gives you advance & free gaming tools, but it is also a hassles-free app.

Additional Information

March 15, 2024