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Something Unlimited

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Something Unlimited

Something Unlimited Review:

Another anime game is catching the attention of smartphone gamers. Yes, I am talking about the Something Unlimited APK. This role-playing comic story is famous for its 2D graphics and particular characters. Users like its adventurous & thrilling missions. However, it is also restricted to adults only. The reason for this restriction is the adult scenes & almost nude girls. Though in-game characters are animated yet, a gamer comes across sensual moments continuously. So, you can analyze at this stage whether the game is appropriate for you or not.

I have shared thoughts on similar games like Project QT and Daily Lives of My CountrySide. Actually, these three games are almost alike. But the in-game missions & levels are different. Erotic & spicy girls are a common feature, in fact. Hence, you can understand the nature & effects of such virtual games. Only a specific group knows about such sensual stories. Therefore, third-party game providers can share this kind of stuff. Anyway, you can install and play the game if it doesn’t irritate you. Otherwise, thousands of others are also within your reach.

Story of the Something Unlimited:

Lex is the main character in this game. You, as a player, perform this role. Now, the story starts with a fiction or comic idea. The hero wants to save the world by eliminating the rulers of thrones. Those rulers are superheroes. Yet, a lot of wealth is required to conquer the globe. Without money, you can’t buy weapons, an army, and other conditions in the game. At this moment, a female character Roulette comes to help you. She will run your unethical businesses using beautiful girls. As a result, the capital collected in this way would be used for your missions.

At the same time, you will have to solve the puzzles inside the game. Arrange the pics & animations and discover hidden objects behind them. Likewise, many diverse & unique puzzles will continue to appear. So, your progress & speed in the game is dependent on your analyzing power. Your partner also earns cash by running adult businesses. When you get enough resources to build an army, you get closer to finishing the superheroes. Adult scenes are frequent in Something Unlimited game. Thus, it is not fit for everyone. Avoid it if you don’t like adult content.

Features of Something Unlimited:

  • Comic characters are a part of your team.
  • Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, etc., are a few names.
  • An RPG game with missions & adventures.
  • In-game money has been unlocked.
  • All characters & gaming items are open to using.
  • It is an adult game containing 18+ stories and scenes.
  • Also, the game supports various devices.
  • Sci-fi, fantasy, animated, and adult games.
  • Controls & interface are also improved.
  • New animations, places, and characters have been added.
  • Offline and online modes.
  • The back button is working now.
  • Free to download & use.


If you have tested multiple games other than the Play Store, your concepts are clear about third-party products. Many of these utilities are of great worth. Yet, the majority is improper for the users and their devices. Hence, we usually don’t trust such suspicious & low-quality material. Something Unlimited APK is also an unethical game that shows nude scenes. Kids must avoid it particularly. So, parents must keep an eye on their offspring. No doubt, third-rate activities affect our brains badly. If you still want to check the game, it is on sale.

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March 22, 2024