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SML Patcher Review:

One of the up to date and unused apps for MLBB is SML Patcher. It focuses only on the ML Skins for all characters with zero charges. So, if you crave the latest & ample costumes of your loved heroes, then we are reviewing this app for you. So, download this patcher to customize different ML heroes with stunning outlooks. We will mention all the available skins in the next portions of this article.

First, understand why does it only provides skins of heroes except for other items? If you know the story of Mobile Legends, then you get aware of the fact that ML characters get promotion after passing a certain level. As a reward, they get pro qualities according to the rules. Resultantly, the next level feels easy for the players. But it needs much practice, patience, and time that the young players don’t have.

So, they can try SML Patcher to sheer the skills of their lovely characters. I can assure you that it has a large number of paid outfits for each hero.  Although it is absolutely new in the market, it manages all the good qualities, focusing on the end-users. Also, the type of skins is wide & more as compared to the conventional injectors i.e IMLS. So, let see which skins are present in it.

Another best function in the SML Injector is that, you can create your user account on it. Along with your account, you can also monitor other users who are using the app right know. So, register yourself with details like name, email, and password to enjoy the extra advantages of amazing ML tool.

ML Skins in the SML Patcher:

It is a straightforward application unlocking high budget costumes at no cost.


Grock elite, Grock starlight, Grock epic, Grock venom


Aldous blazing, Guinevere epic, Guinevere KOF, Guinevere special, Guinevere star, Kaja elite, Kaja epic, Kaja starlight, Chou muay thal


Fanny Christmas, Fanny lifeguard, Fanny light born, Fanny skylark, Hayabusa elite, Hayabusa epic, Hayabusa exp. 21, Hayabusa special, Hayabusa starlight, Helcurt elite, Helcurt special, Helcurt zodiac, Ling epic, Ling starlight


Bruno firebolt, Bruno football, Bruno special, Bruno vanguard, Granger elite, Granger light born, Granger star, Granger Normal, Hanabai elite, Hanabai epic, Hanabai starlight, Hanabai venom, Irithel astral, Irithel hellfire, Irithel starlight, Irithel zodiac


Guinevere epic, Guinevere KOF, Guinevere special, Guinevere starlight, Harith elite, Harith Evos, Harith light born, Harley epic, Harley special, Harley starlight, Harley venom


Kaja elite, Kaja epic, Kaja starlight

So, this is the whole list of all the reachable skins for six main groups. Though first & last have less number of costumes in comparison to the other groups. Yet, the other four groups cover this deficiency by providing more skins.

Features of SML Patcher:

  • A comprehensive tool for ML Skins,
  • Free of cost.
  • Easy injecting method.
  • New & rare app.
  • No errors or bugs found.
  • Use it without any password.
  • Undetectable from ML authority.

How to Use SML Patcher to Inject a Skin into ML?

It’s a facile & uncomplicated app, facilitating the users without any problem.

  1. First, download the skin injector APK file from the link above.
  2. Next, install & launch it.
  3. Then, find the app icon on the mobile home screen.
  4. Now open it to insert the desired skin.
  5. When you select a skin, it asks you confirmation.
  6. Press the YES icon.
  7. Lastly, open the MLBB to enjoy the added skins.


No matter if you are an expert or novice player, SML Patcher APK is a gift for all Mobile Legends Bang Bang players. Many new & costly costumes are in your hands without paying a single rupee. Want to become a pro player with real qualities? Then, apply this patcher for hundred percent results.

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April 4, 2024