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Scytetzy PH Injector Review:

What if you can unlock numerous paid items in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang at no cost? Yes, you can do it with a resilient & well-built app for Androids, Scytetzy PH Injector. No doubt, you have different tools for this purpose like Purple Sky Injector. But it comprises 300+ free skins for all ML players, multiple backgrounds, recalls, drone views, bug fixers, and many others as well. Hence, it is somewhat superior to ordinary tools, both in its functioning & structure too. Moreover, it is not still in use frequently.

In short, Scytetzy Skin Patcher app must be in your pocket to boost your skills. Since it is full fresh & unknown to many ML fans, you will become unchallenging for them. The reason is, they would not know which tool you are applying. So, all the situations will be in your favor.

Before enlisting the features of Scytetzy PH, let have a brief view of MLBB. Indeed, it is a free online multiplayer 5v5 MOBA. And it has evolved one of the dynamic & unorthodox mobile games. Its classic map system, teamwork & strategies, simple game controls, and just 10-minute matches make it attractive for all gamers. Also, its Artificial Intelligence is quite advanced. It learns from your playing history and works for your betterment in return. In summary, Mobile Legends is a worthy game to pass lenient time.

Since our primary focus is to explore the features of Scytetzy PH, therefore, we will move towards it without further delay. The following list is the summary of all its attributes & free cheats as well.

Features of Scytetzy PH:

All Skin

To modify your favorite characters, you have unlimited costumes & outfits. For instance,

  • Fighter; 81+ Skin, Assassin; 64+ Skin, Marksman; 71+ Skin, Support; 32+ Skin, Tank; 59+ Skin


Similarly, the background of various places is adjustable in the following order.

  • Loading Screen, Lobby, and Profile


  • K.O, Evos, 515, Super Kill, Sword Kill, Calamity, The Sword, Roaming, Hero Vale, and RIP


  • More or less 10 alternative forms of “Here I Come” in the Analogs section.


  • Almost 15 ML Emotes are usable, along with a Backup option.


  • Scytetzy PH is rich in Effect Recall since it has 2+ dozen recalls making your avatar undead.

Drone View

  • It is 100% working with Ranked & Classic Maps and all graphics. The ranges are X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7.


  • The Sword, Super Descent, M1, EVOS, Halloween, MCL, MSC, Sky Guardian, Thunder, Hero Vale

Customize Skin

  • For Chou, Lancelot, Gusion, Aldous, Fanny, Alucard, Dyrroth, Brody, Granger, and Selena

Fix All Bug

  • You can fix the following issues.
  • Stuck on Loading Screen.
  • Skin bugs (Pink skins).
  • Map bugs (Pink map).
  • Black Loading Screen.
  • Random Hero Icons.
  • Missing Hero Icons.

Password for Scytetzy PH?

Remember the following secret code to open the app with all ease. After enter the password tap the button continue to access the app.


Scytetzy PH APK is a superb addition to the list of mod tools for Mobile Legends. Since this injector has several ML skins, effects, and backgrounds in addition to the drone views, therefore, it is an all-inclusive app. Newcomers lacking the competency to play the game can take advantage of it. As a resultant, they will be capable of winning the game.

Additional Information

March 28, 2024