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Script Hub Review:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is getting familiarity except for the Asian region. All the newcomers are welcoming it because of its unique features and enjoying it a lot. Likewise, the use of mod apps has also increased, and we are regularly uploading new apps. For now, we have another tool to patch the game, Script Hub. Initially, it has few skins for different heroes, and other items are not available currently. Hence, you can consider it to unlock paid costumes at no cost.

RM Dragneel developed a Script Hub app, and it quickly injects all scripts with a single click. For instance, skins for Mage & Assassin are convenient to attain. So, save your money and use free resources at first. Moreover, it is somewhat different from others as it demands a Sign-Up using an Email or Google account. Then, one can open it. Thus, it is safe to use to some extent. So, are you interested in getting free stuff related to the Mobile Legends BB?

Then get the free app directly from the link. Besides it, you can check some other brilliant pieces too. Now, let see what main benefits we get by using it.

Features of Script Hub:

Role Categories

It means you have to select one of the six main groups of characters for the MLBB. Then, various heroes are attainable for instance;

  • Mage

Alice, Cecillion, Vale, Chang’e, Esmeralda, Harith, Zhask, Pharsa, Lunox, Kagura, Luo Yi, Valir, etc

  • Assassin

Saber, Benedetta, Ling, Helcurt, Hanzo, Natalia, etc.


This section has more or less 50 suggestions for you to inject a costume for your hero.

Lesley – Lethal Lady, Chou – Lori Yagami, Claude – Blazing Trace, Aldous – Blazing Force, Chou – Thunderfist, Chou – Dragon Boy, Vale – Blizzard Storm, Zhask – Extraterrestrial, Zhask – Cancer, Zhask – Bone Flamen, Esmeralda – Blazing Shadow, Esmeralda – Cleopatra, Esmeralda – Lady Thief, Kagura – Rainy Walk, Kagura – Soryu Maiden, Kagura – Summer Festival, Kagura – Cherry Witch, Harith – Evos Legend, and many others.

Additional features of Script Hub:

  • Ping checker.
  • Pause, resume, cancel a skin during the process.
  • Auto update skin.
  • Search any hero.
  • Sign In & Sign Out.
  • Free script/injector app.
  • Many free costumes are attainable at zero cost.
  • Safe & easy app for MLBB.

How to install & use Script Hub?

  1. First, download the app APK file from the link below.
  2. Second, install it with all essentials.
  3. Third, click on the app icon and open it.
  4. Here, it will ask you to Sign Up/In whether you are a new or old user.
  5. So, create your account by providing an Email, Username and Password. Also, you can directly Sign Up using your Google account.
  6. In this way, your account creation is over, and now use it for skins.
  7. For this, click on any category, as I have explained above.
  8. When you open a specific skin, select the PATCH button and inject it into your game.
  9. Hence, the process is over.


You have seen the app is easy to use for MLBB, and you can win free skins for many heroes. Since it is the first version of Script Hub APK, therefore new things are being expected. Indeed, it covers a large variety of free costumes to entertain its users. So, are you convinced now? If yes, then get the app free and you can also use Cybereye Injector.

Additional Information

March 4, 2024