Ruok FF Auto Headshot

Ruok FF Auto Headshot

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Head Macro (KMA Team)

Ruok FF Auto Headshot Review:

The utmost desire of a major part of the Garena Free Fire players is to attain the maximum sensitivity. The reason is, it increases the output of gamers many times. Therefore, they yearn for it at their best. If you prefer such apps that control the Free Fire game, then Ruok FF Auto Headshot is correct in this regard. It focuses on the adjustment of the sensitivity level of everything so as you can perform perfect headshots :).

Who doesn’t cry out for being a productive player in an action game? It is possible in different ways. Like, you can do rigorous practice by following the quote, i.e., practice makes a man perfect. In the settings section of Free Fire, the sensitivity settings are the major. The more correctly you set these features, the more effective & consistent you are. In summary, it’s a ground reality to concern the sensibility settings wisely.

As the title explains, Ruok FF Auto Headshot app intends to perform precise & perfect headshots in FF. This function is so important that one can be a triumphant of the match due to only it. Since the rule is, the more headshots you carry out, the more points or diamonds you add to your account. So, it’s a match-winning quality. And today’s app Head Macro Free Fire is an expert in hacking the most needed actions, like auto headshots, aimbot, auto-target, and gun sensitivity.

Features of Ruok FF Auto Headshot:

  • DPI Changer; here, you have ten different options, from 360 DPI to 1490 DPI.
  • FOV; avail of four options from 30 to 120 FOV.
  • Sensitivity; one of the primary functions, 999X to 19999X, eleven ranges are at hand to adjust your aim.
  • Sensibility; it handles five main features, i.e., General, Red dot, Zoom X2, Zoom X4, AWM Scope. So, you have the right to run it in a better way.
  • Anti-Lag; choose a new RAM of 2 to 12 options. Resultantly, it will stop any delay that you face in the game. Instead, enjoy a faster & facile journey.
  • Weapons Macro; covers almost nine guns of all varieties. The achievable sensitivity level is mentioned before each weapon. You only have to drag the cursor from zero to maximum.
  • Fix cursor lagging.
  • Speed 25 % cursor.
  • Fix aim.
  • Clear cache.
  • Clear crashed data.
  • The application works 100%.
  • No device or account ban.
  • A free tool, and don’t root your smartphone for it.
  • To the point & open menu.
  • Dark background.

How to use Ruok FF Auto Headshot?

No doubt, this FF mod app is handy & trouble-free. So, follow these steps.

  • Download it through the given above link first.
  • Install the application & open it on device where FF is already installed.
  • Click on the image visible on the app screen.
  • It will lead you to the developer’s YouTube channel. It’s a trick used by him. So, subscribe to it, and press the back button.
  • All the cheats are mentioned in one place, i.e., the main page of the app.
  • Just switch the toggle, and click on the apply icon.
  • Then, open the Free Fire using the option at the bottom.
  • Now, it’s time to play the game with new features.


Verily, all the settings are significant in a game. But the sensitivity settings are superior to all in Free Fire. Here is the tonic of all your problems. Only work with Ruok FF Auto Headshot and see the charm. Genuinely, it uplifts the morale & position of its users in a persuasive style. So, the need of the hour suggests it with great intensity. Also, check Ruok999 Macro which is another best sensitivity controlling tool.

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January 13, 2024