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Mobile Legends Bang Bang has joined the club of top MOBAs from the time of the recent pandemic. That’s why we are providing you maximum tools i.e Memeng TV Injector, that control the most-favorite online battle game in a skillful manner. RPG MOD MLBB is also a fine addition to the series of these apps, and its functions are different from others of a similar type. So, it’s going to be very beneficial for you, therefore read the next paragraphs explaining its characteristics.

Though various injectors cover some of the most demanded features, still Enemy lag, Damage to Enemies, Enemy Troll, and others are mostly absent in them. Now, RPG MOD MLBB is the only tool containing these specific elements.

Let explain the principal effects of these hacks. Firstly, Enemy Lag is a trick that drags the enemy’s feet, and resultantly, your competitor will react a bit later than you. And you can kill them instantly before their response. Next is the Damage up. This hack damages your enemies seriously, in terms of their power, health. Then, the Fast Farming feature will help you to kill more minions and quickly earn more gold.

Similarly, Enemy Troll is a technique that forces the other players to leave out the match as they feel irritation from you. On the go, you can activate the Fast Level hack that aids you in qualifying a level so as to get the next one. Also, the Rank Booster cheat automatically promotes your position in the fight. Lastly, Map Hack capability enables you to take control of the battleground. Thus, everything is under your control.

List of cheats in RPG MOD MLBB:

  • Damage Up.
  • Enemy Lag.
  • Fast Farming.
  • Exp Up 25%.
  • Enemy Troll.
  • Fast Level.
  • Inject Rank Booster.
  • Inject Map Hack.
  • Some others

It has limited functions, yet, these are compulsory to end a level in the Mobile Legends. These are the basis of victory in the tricky battle game.

Available in different modes:

You can use it in different playing modes to enjoy it differently. The cheats are compatible with all the modes of game.

  • Solo.
  • Team.
  • Classic.
  • Rank.

Features of RPG MOD MLBB:

  • Free application for Mobile Legends.
  • Password protected.
  • Simple & easy to handle.
  • Anti-ban & applicable.
  • No need to root your device.

RPG MOD MLBB Password:

If you own it, the chances are much higher than you will beat others without much effort. So, the endpoint is RPG MOD MLBB is a good app overall. So, don’t miss it and get the password as well, mentioned below.

Usage method & safety of this app:

No hard & fast rule to utilize this app, open, enter the password 2020 and see all the available cheats. Tick the desired hack, select the mode, and then play the game with added features by click on button “Start MLBB” in app. Now, the question of safety is also valid. You can use it without any doubt as it’s safe and undamaging to your account & device. So, don’t be afraid.

If still you have any doubt then you may use this app first on any guest account using any parallel space like Clonador VIP.


To hit the expert players, you will need a powerful app that can support you efficiently. RPG MOD MLBB has come for the same purpose for all Android MLBB players. It has succeeded in making a high position in the rush of enormous hacking apps. So, download and install it from the above link.

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April 8, 2024