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Rokkr Review:

The folks of this century are probably the luckiest ones since they are enjoying the most advanced technology. Indeed, it benefits them in almost all fields of life. The content & sources of entertainment are also much better by the same token. Congrats if you love watching different television channels, movies, television shows, sports, or educational topics on your phone. Here we have a fantastic Android app for smartphone users so they may experience endless audiovisual content for free. So, download the Rokkr APK to make all this practical.

If I call this app a replica of the CyberFlix, then it is hundred percent true. The users of both apps are the same. In reality, Rokkr is a media player and a browser in a single app. You need to have a list of media URLs to play videos. These lists can be downloaded free from the web. It means the app itself doesn’t contain content inside it. Users can spend unlimited hours on the mod version to amuse themselves with fresh content. Yet, the original app is solely for premium members. Developers are creating cracked editions of this fab video platform.

Features of Rokkr:

  • Watch unlimited movies, TV series & live TV channels.
  • Live news, podcasts, music, and other video content.
  • It is a media player and a browser.
  • All the content is watchable through specific URLs.
  • You can enjoy the Chromecast feature to watch on a big screen.
  • Its UI is quite simple, and there are no technical issues in handling it.
  • IPTV technology makes it a top-notch platform for fans.
  • Many add-ons enhance its worth of it.
  • A competent team manages this app to run it smoothly.
  • No registration charges in the modified edition.
  • Use it for unlimited time without advertisements.

After reading these features & functions, you only need to know how it works. I know many of you are new to this app. And it is a bit different from the online streaming apps. Therefore, I want to guide you through the following usage method. Please follow the rules if you are serious.

How to use the Rokkr?

Overall, it is easy to manage the app on an Android phone. The only thing that differentiates it from other apps is the use of URL bundles. Besides it, you will not spend any money to access its services.

  1. Download the latest version of APK from this page.
  2. It is a third-party app. Thus, allow your device to download it.
  3. Similarly, install the file after unknown source permissions.
  4. Finally, open it, and download a URL bundle.
  5. If you already have a URL list on your phone, upload it in the Rokkr APK.
  6. The app automatically classifies all the links into various categories.
  7. Hence, you can click on a link to watch a movie, TV channel, or others.


Many are skeptical when they hear about the safety of Rokkr. Everyone can raise the question, how can this app provide free services in abundance? Honestly, I am not sure about this fact. Since many users don’t think much about it, the number of users continues steadily. However, one thing is open to all. This app never asks for extra permissions or payment credentials from its users. That’s why it is no more at risk than any other app. It is safe to use, according to several forums. But I can’t guarantee this.

Additional Information

March 27, 2024