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Raje Liker Review:

It is now proven that social media is the most effective source to engage with billions of people on the planet. If you have a lot of online followers, you can easily build your brand or company. In truth, many people are earning money by promoting products on their social accounts. Do you want to be recognized like other celebs in your region? If yes, then try the Raje Liker to give a boost to your Facebook & Instagram profiles. Yes! This tool helps you spread your posts & online reach to more & more people.

In simple words, it is an auto-liker tool that promises to bring real likes, followers, and shares to your personal or business profiles. The more people react to your online content, the more viral it becomes. As a result, the relevant audience gets connected with you. This Android app works on a freemium model. I will explain every tiny detail about it. Therefore, read this post till the end. If you already know it, then get the latest version using the download button on this page. Honestly, it is a free & easy source.

Features of Raje Liker:

  • Auto Liker for Facebook.
  • Auto Liker for Instagram.
  • Get Auto Likes & Followers.
  • Auto Likes without Tokens.
  • VIP Panel for Paid Members.
  • Also for TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • 100% Real, No Spam.
  • Safe & Trusted Tool.
  • No Account Lock.
  • Target a Geo/Country.
  • Select a Custom Quantity.
  • Earn Money by Sharing it.
  • Increase Like Limit.
  • 1 Million+ Users.
  • Cheapest/Free SMM Panel.
  • Free and Paid Services.
  • Free to Download & Use.

The tool is more favorable for FB & IG users. They can earn unlimited likes, followers, reactions, etc., on their pages and profiles. Moreover, this platform works without generating Facebook access tokens. You only paste the URL of the post you want to spread instantly. That’s it. Note that it works free of cost for every user. Yet, it is a slow and lengthy process. You need a lot of in-app coins for faster results.

That’s why Raje Liker has a premium service for VIP members. They can pay the required money via their online payment system. Then, the tool performs the given tasks faster. At the same time, you may question the credibility and reliability of Raje Liker APK. It has clearly mentioned the social proofs and their genuineness on its official website. So, you can confirm it. But it is still a third-party tool without a license.

Meanwhile, it is also possible to target the audience of a particular region. Just give the correct instructions, like country and the desired quantity of likes from 1-700. The app will start working. Yet, premium members can remove all limitations. If you promote this app online and people download it using your referral code, you get a fixed percentage. This in-app earning will help you buy more likes and followers.


I want to clarify that users may face a few limitations in Raje Liker. The app may be limited to Indians only. Since official app stores have not allowed it due to some issues, a small number of users can utilize it. Please visit the official website for a clearer image regarding its services, fee, and limitations and to read more information. Anyway, the APK file is accessible through this article. Get it now for free.

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December 19, 2023