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Pusang Apo Injector Review:

Are you fond of playing the Mobile Legend bang bang (MLBB) game? If you’re, so you might know about its feature. So today we are here once again for you with magnifying things that you starve to have in this game. To get the skin is not much easy to achieve but with the help of us, you can surely get it. This article may become interesting for hackers. Just pay your attention and read it carefully. Now we are going to introduce Pusang Apo Injector.

Pusang Apo Injector is a fantastic Android application for the lovers of game Mobile Legends. It lets you access all the fictional character and their amazing personifications (avatars). This app works with the latest version of the MLBB. This amazing app gives you quick access to unlock dozens of premium characters included in their various costumes.

The app allows you to give a different look to your game hero. Show your character before friends and enemies expensive for free.

The skin plays a great role in the performance and looks of character that highly attract the user to equip it. Through Pusang Apo injector you are not supposed to wait for the scooting or unlocking of charming characters. Hack and enjoy your most favorite fictitious character and skins. The majority of the peoples try to achieve things legally but when it becomes so hard, adopt a short way. So why to spend money if sources like Pusang Apo are available. Let’s download it and save your hard-earned money.

Features of Pusang Apo Injector:

  • When a new update comes, it fixes its mods with updated features.
  • Here you get all more than 400+ paid skins for free without paying a single penny.
  • If you don’t have diamonds and coins to buy avatars, so you can hack the treasure of diamonds.
  • Custom map options.
  • Background sounds for ML.
  • Drone view for all maps.
  • Change the background of ML including border, analog, zero two, girl, and team RRQ.
  • New battle effects contain recall, elimination, emote, and spawn.
  • This hacking app helps you guys in increasing followers within a few days.
  • It directly gives you the option of downloading skins.
  • Through this magnifying app, you are able to modify this game with various functions.
  • It’s 100% safe to use.
  • The app is fast in processing and stables your game strong.
  • Developers have given a user-friendly interface to this app for rendering ease to the users.
  • You can change the background themes of the MLBB Game.
  • It’s 100% free with its features.
  • It provides you battle effects like Spawn, Recall, and elimination.
  • And much more.

What’s New in Pusang Apo Injector:

  1. Aldous Legend Skin Blazing Force
  2. X-borg Epic Skin Tesla Maniac
  3. Leomord Epoc Skin Jack O lantern
  4. Yisunshin Epic Skin Lone Destructor
  5. Layla Epic Skin Blazing Gun
  6. Chnag’e Star Skin Starbery Parfait
  7. Backup Legend Revamp
  8. Alucard Lightborn Revamp
  9. Alucard Legend Revamp
  10. Chou KOF Revamp
  11. Chou Epic, and Starlight Revamp
  12. Saber Starlight Revamp
  13. Roger Epic Dr Beast Revamp
  14. Roger Epic Phantom Pirate Revamp
  15. Miya Legend Revamp
  16. Miya Epic Special Suzuhime Revamp
  17. Layla Epic Revamp
  18. Layla Starlight and special Revamp
  19. Battle Emote Aura Fire + Sound
  20. Battle Emote Bigetron Alpha + Sound
  21. Emote Evos Legend + Sound
  22. Battle Emote Rrq hoshi + sound
  23. Analog Lihgtborn Harith
  24. Map magic chees keneki, catur, and notnot
  25. And much more.

Pusang Apo Injector v16 password:

To unlock the cheating app you have to provide the password. But the latest version v16 is unlocked with a password already. So, without remember any password, enjoys the app.


Most of the 3rd party applications are not safe for gaming account and due to this several times, players lost their account after getting high ranking. However, Pusang Apo Injector APK is developed under the roof of the anti-ban system according to respected developers. So, you can get the APK file from the respected link above to install on your phone.

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March 24, 2024