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PUBG Mobile Mod

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PUBG Mobile Mod Review:

Here we have a surprising thing for PUBG lovers who are facing the problem of survival in the game. All of you have been using PUBG Mobile to play the battle game on smartphones, but we are introducing a modified or hacked version of this game in which you’ll get better controls to win the match. It is PUBG Mobile MOD APK that comes with your desired hacks to make you an expert fighter.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most played action game, both on mobile and PC. Young gamers seem addicted to this game and love it due to its graphics, heroes, sounds, weapons, game strategy, etc. The story starts from an island where multiple players try to fight effectively to kill the other participants. There are various safe zones on the island that shrink gradually, and the players have to face each other to win the battle.

If you don’t have enough game skills, then you should try a modified version of PUBG, that is, PUBG Mobile MOD, to enjoy many hacks and cheats like skins, health, weapons, anti-ban, and many more. You can stay alive longer by using these resources, and the chances of becoming a winner are much more than ever before. Increase your fighting power and jump in the battle with new enthusiasm, and beat your enemies in a while.

Gamers are using PUBG Mobile MOD instead of the original version of PUBG, as it gives much better control over the game. If you don’t know about its exciting features, scroll down and have a look at the following lines.

Features of PUBG Mobile MOD:

Unlimited Battle Points:

The users of this version will get battle points in high numbers as you can kill or damage your enemies more efficiently. The more you damage the enemies, the higher the battle points you win.

Automatic Aiming the Enemy: 

This feature allows you to hit the enemies precisely without knowing them. By using your guns, you can fire them correctly, and as a result, you will win high points at the end of the game.


You can use this function to target your enemies who are hiding in the back of a car, stone, or tree. However, you must apply it smartly so that other players can’t notice that you are using a hacking tool.

Unlimited Cash: 

In the original version, gamers spend the real money to purchase the in-game currency to buy different items like skins, weapons. Now PUBG Mobile MOD allows you to win unlimited cash in the game.

Premium PUBG Skins: 

The earned cash from Battle Points & UC’s can be used to unlock fabulous skins of Heroes and Weapons to give you a Pro look.

Anti-Ban feature: 

The modified version has an anti-ban system to secure your account.

No Root: 

You don’t need to root your device for this version as it works efficiently without rooting the Android device.


it’s compatible with low-ended Android device as well as having RAM 2 GB or above.  

Free & Easy to Use: 

You can install it on your smartphone without any hurdle. It is free and easy to use for everyone.

Why use PUBG Mobile Hack?

For instant boosting in PUBG game players use PUBG Mobile Hack. As you know, it’s quite challenging for beginner players to stay on the battle field. So, by using hack features they can survive in the game easily and after each win, they also collect different gaming rewards. This kind of reward can increase your RP or you can unlock multiple premium items as well free of cost.

And the best thing you know that the current PUBG Hack is not delectable. So, you can play the game with full freedom without worrying about the ban.

There are multiple modes available in PUBG Mobile like single, duo, and squad. It depends on your choice, select one option, and jump into the PUBG war. You can use the hack function in any map like TDM, classic, erangel and much more.

Precautions for using PUBG Mobile Mod:

Well, using hack version of the game in not legal mostly when you play online game like PUBG, Free Fire, COC. Hack version are stickily prohibited by the officials, so use the application very carefully. And if you are using first time such kind of hack in PUBG then don’t login with your main gaming profile.

If you wanna use the hack features for long period, then you should need to follow the smart rules. Play the game smartly and don’t show not possible tricks on the battlefield. If someone reports your account, then you may have lost your account temporary or permanent.

Officials can’t deduct that you are using hack functions. But on the battlefield other players can see activities you are performing, so be careful and don’t use wallhack all times. 

To taste the hacked version features, you should come with a guest account or a new account. After gaining some experience with the Mod version, you can introduce your real gaming profile. In this way, your ranked account will be safe and you can amaze your friend as well. 

How to download PUBG Mobile Mod on Android?

  1. There are two types of files APK and OBB, so you can download the APK file from the link above or from the link below.
  2. Next, you can download the OBB file in which the downloading source is already available below.
  3. When both files download, install the MOD APK file first and after that paste the OBB file to Android > OBB > .com.tencent.ig
  4. After pasting the file in the respected section, open the online video game PUBG, and enjoy infinite functions.


You are well familiar with the challenging mobile game PUBG, and it is hard to win the match against skilled players. If you want to enjoy the battle with improved skills, then we recommend you try the PUBG Mobile MOD APK + OBB. We have provided you the latest version of APK and OBB on this page, free of cost.

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April 30, 2024