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Pikachu Patcher Review:

Expert gamers know various tactics & tricks to get unfair advantages in online games. But newbies behave like they are empty-headed. So, they only need the proper guidelines to play a game successfully. If you are also searching for a good technique, download the Pikachu Patcher for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In fact, it is a newly arrived utility for this online game. And the most prominent benefit of this tool is you unlock Hundreds of MLBB Skins for free. Additionally, ML Emotes & Intro are also attainable through it.

Are you worried about the puzzling points in this game? Then, you can pass all the levels one by one easily. For this, you can install the latest tool Pikachu Patcher. Since it can patch various parameters of your favorite game safely, it will save your precious money directly. Indeed, the APK file is free to download & use from this platform.

Mobile Legends BB was somewhat simple & easy in the beginning. But it became challenging over time as the number of players increased. As a result, it started selling in-game items to gamers. In reality, in-game stuff enhances the powers, looks, and skills of ML characters. Those who buy these elements can win a battle hassle-free. Yet, the costs of main ingredients are unaffordable for many fans at this time. Therefore, third-party plugins open them illegally. If you are trying to survive with great efforts, then it’s time to relax now.

Cheats available in Pikachu Patcher:

It doesn’t require the investment of ML currencies, like diamonds, tickets, gold, etc. Still, you can enjoy the comforts of pro items safely. Like other tools, it also removes the hurdles from your ways on the MLBB battlefields. In short, you will compete in a better style even with the experts. Finally, you will cross a level by hook or by crook. The following points will convince you of its use.

  • Fighter Skins
  • Assassin Skins
  • Marksman Skins
  • Mage Skins
  • Tank Skins
  • Support Skins
  • Upcoming Skins
  • Battle Emotes
  • MLBB Intro

Collectively, there are hundreds of premium skins in this tool. And you can inject them in your game most simply. Also, a few elements are under the pipeline. You will see them soon. In addition to the above list of freebies, the Pikachu Patcher also owns the following attributes.

Features of Pikachu Patcher:

  • It is an advanced tool for MLBB.
  • All its services are chargeless.
  • No need to earn/buy the diamonds.
  • Just select & inject cheats into MLBB.
  • You can play the game casually.
  • Easy winnings with few efforts.
  • Simple interface.
  • No password.
  • No root permissions.
  • Much more.

How to use Pikachu Patcher?

After downloading & installing the app from this page, open it. You will see a page asking for an email & password. Don’t worry about it. It is just a formality when you use the injector for the first time. Hence, you can put a dummy email account with a fake password. In other words, you don’t need to put actual credentials to create an account on this app. And this step is done one time only. So, you will enter into the app. Now, you can pick & inject ML Skins or other cheats into the game.


The Pikachu Patcher APK requires permission to your storage. Also, it is not an official app from MOONTON. Yet, it is safe to some extent. But we are not responsible for its harms & cons. You must be careful about such unofficial tools as a gamer. The initial step is the installation of a virtual space app in this regard. That’s it.

Additional Information

March 10, 2024