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PEYCRON Patcher Review:

We have observed that loads of things changed in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) in the past year. All the official updates have revamped the MLBB gameplay somehow. Similarly, in-game elements are also better than before. Therefore, cheating apps developers need to update their tools to get unfair advantages in the latest Mobile Legends. Luckily, many app developers have taken steps in this regard. And thus, we get the PEYCRON Patcher to control certain parts of the game. Do you prefer a modified game over the original game edition?

Then, you can check the newest cheats of the PEYCRON Patcher or Injector. For instance, it carries bags of ML skins for multiple heroes. And a player will not pay any money to possess these valuable outfits. Likewise, it also provides recalls, emotes, intros, and custom skins, at the same time. Hence, enjoy a complete package on the house. The developer creates this patcher according to the New Year. That’s why you don’t face interruptions or errors while applying it to the game. In fact, it will amuse the users effectively. So, get the APK file for your Android device and use it.

Cheats Offered by the PEYCRON Patcher:

MLBB Skins:

It unlocks a hefty collection of superb outfits for your avatars. Finally, make bold alterations to give new looks to the fighting heroes. The details of the free skins are as follows.

  • Assassin: 84+ Skins for 13+ Heroes
  • Fighter: 150+ Skins for 30+ Heroes
  • Mage: 118+ Skins for 23+ Heroes
  • Marksman: 124+ Skins for 20+ Heroes
  • Tank: 82+ Skins for 17+ Heroes
  • Support: 36+ Skins for 09+ Heroes

More Cheats:

Apart from the typical skins, users of the PEYCRON Patcher can also avail some more freebies. Actually, these items further beautify the ML gameplay, in addition to strengthening your power.

  • Customize Skins
  • Upgrade Skins
  • Recalls
  • Emotes
  • Intro

Features of PEYCRON Patcher:

The APK file is getable most easily from the link on this page. It doesn’t cost you any money. At the same time, it works on all Android devices including 11 and you use it to play the game on your desire. The injection of cheats is also easy-peasy. Since it is the latest tool, it meets the new requirements of gamers. It is anti-ban and works without a password. It is open to everyone. Grab it now to add some extra taste to the game.

So, click the download link first of all. And install the APK file giving it some permissions, like Unknown Sources. Then, open it. Select the cheats you want to apply in the MLBB. Honestly, you don’t go through complex steps to own cheats. Instead, skins and other elements can be injected with a single click only. It lets you feel comfortable when using the app and playing the game. Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?


First, the PEYCRON Patcher is full of free skins and other items. It makes it appealing & attractive for novice players. Second, it is the latest tool without any subscription fee. Gamers love this kind of mouthwatering offer. Indeed, these features force you to make use of this app. But it is not the official product. An unknown developer makes it for Mobile Legends fans. Therefore, we are not 100% sure about its credibility & security. First, test it on a guest account and apply it to the original MLBB account after suitable results.

Additional Information

March 23, 2024