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Panda Rank Booster Review:

If you are a newbie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game and want to improve your ranking against your competitors, then try the Panda Rank Booster to get an advantage. It enables you to become an expert player without making much effort by utilizing its useful cheats. You can use it both for a solo player or with a team.

To know all of its features and usage method, scroll down and fully understand this exciting tool to amaze your opponents in the game. You can also download its latest version from this page, without any cost or use an alternative application like Kuroyama VIP Hack.

What is Panda Rank Booster?

Like other action games, MLBB is also an online battle game and is quite famous around the globe. Many players test their luck and try hard to stand out in the game by killing all others. The one who survives till the end of the battle becomes the winner of the game and can unlock many items available there to become a pro player. These pro players kill the newbies in a few minutes and out them from the competition.

Now you can use a short-cut way to bow these expert players. Panda Rank Booster stands you equal to the pro players by offering many cheats. You can damage your enemies and make them fool easily. They’d not understand what is happening with them. They will feel a 30% lag while getting back after damage.

There is various cheating or hacking tools available on the internet. Since the developer of MLBB keep updating the game features so that no one can use hacking tools. If the gaming authorities detect an account using a cheating tool, they permanently ban it. Luckily, we have found a new tool Panda Rank Booster that is not detected by the gaming authorities, and you can use it without any tension.

Features of Panda Rank Booster:

When you install this app, you will explore its exciting features. A few are given below.

  • Enemy Lag 30%: Enable this option to damage your enemies. They’ll feel a little lag in the game while chasing you. It reduces their efficiency.
  • Rank Booster: This one is the key feature of this tool, it boosts your rank fifty percent in the game.
  • Classic Booster: It also helps in improving your rank up to fifty percent.
  • Enemy LOL 20%: You deceive the opponents a little bit.
  • Anti-ban: Gaming authorities could not detect you while cheating.
  • Free & Secure: This free tool saves your account and device too.

How to download & use?

  1. Download its latest version from the given link.
  2. install it by giving all permissions.
  3. Open it, and activate all the options.
  4. It’ll inject all the hacks instantly.
  5. Now you can stand in front of your pro enemies.


Panda Rank Booster APK is an Android application particularly designed for ML players to help them fight in the game. It boosts their power and ranking, as the name suggests. You can try it to defeat your opponents. So, grab its latest version free of cost from this page.

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April 16, 2024