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NIX Injector Review:

Are you losing interest in the MLBB just because you do not have sufficient in-game items? Well, we bring a piece of pleasant news for all fans. After this, you can restart playing the Mobile Legends Bang Bang with new powers & skills. Honestly, the NIX Injector is so sturdy & exceptional that you get free stuff of all sorts without paying a rupee. For instance, hundreds of ML skins, effects, backgrounds, and a drone view of varying qualities. Overall, it is unbelievable at first sight, yet it’s true.

It is an essential condition to have an updated or unusual mod app because old tools lose their validity as time pass. It is due to improvement in the MLBB. So, NIX Injector is a piece of advice for you, always have an active and error-free file to avoid any complications. Moreover, if you are doubtful about the security of this tool, then test it on a guest account first. Resultantly, you will not get any harm. Instead, you will be able to know its worth & value.

Anyway, we are here to tell you about injector, a new & remarkable ML app of the day. Indeed, all of its features exceed our expectations. If the truth is told, it is the number one injector in terms of cheats & other qualities it owns. Without any delay, be familiar with it hurriedly.

Cheats offered by NIX Injector:

Doubtlessly, it has touched all parts of MLBB and takes superiority over all such injectors. So, let have a brief intro of each group.

Unlock Skin:

The updated version of injector MLBB contains 414 skins till now. Yes, are you amazed or doubtful? Well, you can testify it by opening the app. So, get skins for

  • Marksman
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Fighter
  • Tank
  • Support

Drone View:

The game view will be crystal clear with the help of an A1 drone. Unlock drone view of X2, X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7 ranges. Furthermore, it works on Celestial & Western with full efficiency. Moreover, you can backup to the original view with one tap.

Unlock Effects:

You can enjoy the following effects on the spot. Each element contains various free items inside.

  • Unlock Recall
  • Unlock Respawn
  • Elimination
  • Unlock Emote
  • Unlock Analog
  • Background
  • Unlock Map

The last section, the Background, has several choices for the game lobby, profile, and loading screen, too. Thus, you can customize these portions with different beautiful backgrounds. For your convenience, the number of available items in a specific section is visible so you can see how many choices you have. In this way, it becomes easier.

Features of NIX Injector:

  • You get hundreds of ML skins for each character without any effort.
  • The UI is in dark mode.
  • Fix the stuck screen, pink map, and tower bug.
  • Also, it is free & easy to navigate.
  • Besides, it is new & compatible with the updated version of MLBB.
  • No ads in this app.
  • Small and no difficulties in availing it.

What’s new in N.I.X Injector v2.2:

Nix Injector


It is a firm truth that NIX Injector has the same features as we have written in the above lines. If you try this injector, then Mobile Legends Bang Bang will not be a challenge for you. It makes you an undefeatable & skilled player by unlocking all the premium features free of cost. So, grab it and enjoy its luxuries.

Additional Information

June 20, 2024