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NGL Mod Review:

Are you looking for a handy tool to send messages through social media without revealing your identity? If yes, then install the NGL Mod APK on your phone. You can send unlimited messages on Instagram using this utility. But the receivers will not know who you are. Thus, it hides your name. Social media influencers use it to get feedback from the target audience. Hence, it helps them to know the thoughts of their fans. Users consider it a reliable tool since it ensures safety & security.

NGL Mod is free to download & use for Android devices. The app layout is simple. So, every Instagram user can get the most from it. Honestly, it can be a great help if you can conduct online surveys anonymously. Social media apps don’t allow you to keep your identity secret. Therefore, private messaging is almost impossible. It is the point where the NGL app works. Communicate with unlimited people with complete privacy. They will respond to your questions without knowing your name.

Features of NGL Mod:

The users of Instagram are increasing day by day. Many of us want to communicate with other Insta users privately. Yet, whenever you message someone, they can see your profile. It irritates those who are not willing to show their information. There must be a tool like NGL Mod to contact secretly.

  • Get limitless responses & answers from the exact & target audience.
  • You can also answer their questions without revealing your Insta ID.
  • Also, your questions can reach global Instagram users.
  • It is not limited to a particular area. Know the views of people beyond the borders.
  • The app is safe and secure. It never stores your information.
  • Just request to delete your data. The app will eliminate all personal info.
  • Overall, its dashboard is simple. All the options are visible on your screen.
  • In addition, you don’t see irrelevant ads and notifications.
  • Free to download, with no subscription charges, and easy to use.

How does NGL Mod Work?

  1. First, create your account on this app. It just needs a Username & Password. Then, it generates a secret ID for you. You use this anonymous ID to communicate with Instagram users.
  2. Next, create an app link. For this, open the app and click to generate the link. The link may contain a single or a set of queries you want to ask.
  3. Now, copy & paste that link on your Instagram bio, story, or feed. Try to reach the maximum number of people. It ultimately brings desired results.
  4. When your followers and other Insta users open the link, they see a new page. Here, they can ask you questions or respond to your queries.
  5. Finally, you can collect the required complements & responses. Once you get enough info, share the results with others. Thus, an online survey ends safely.


A popular messaging app for Instagram users is ready to download. Its core purpose is to keep the users anonymous. In other words, it keeps your profile info hidden from others you send & receive messages. If you are looking for a similar utility, then get it now. Its beautiful interface and controls make it a legit app. However, it is a modified edition. So, it is getable only from third-party websites. Please don’t use it for any malicious activity.

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April 30, 2024