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NetGuard Pro Review:

Have you considered that most times, our internet data without utilization become reduced gradually? If your smartphone internet data is also automatically decreasing, then I will give you a reason. At the back end, many installed apps and games on Android Os will consume the data and run in the background. So, what can we do to stop all those applications? I have researched and found a solution to this issue, and if you like, you can also resolve your phone issue by installing the app NetGuard Pro. The application authorizes us to block the internet on a smartphone, either Wi-Fi or data connection.

NetGuard Pro – No-Root Firewall does need root permission on Android Os to exploit. We can individually select every installed application and allow or deny accessing our smartphone internet. Blocking access to the internet can help us decrease data usage, increase battery timing, increase our privacy, and much more.

Features of NetGuard Pro:

  • It is convenient to explore, and it’s 100% free.
  • No calling home.
  • No popup advertisement will tense you.
  • Actively developed and supported.
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported.
  • Tethering supported.
  • Optionally allow when screen off.
  • Optionally block when roaming.
  • You will be notified when any app tries to access the internet.
  • Optionally block system applications.
  • The app will record the network usage per application per address.
  • You can change themes that are more than 5.
  • Very responsive, user-friendly interface.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • And much more.

How to use NetGuard Pro?

  1. First, you have to download the app APK from the given link and install it on the device.
  2. After launching, the application homepage will showcase all installed apps and games list.
  3. You can select apps to verify download and upload rates.
  4. If you are unhappy with the value, then you can block the internet to increase speed.
  5. Manually you can verify and block the unwanted apps to access your data.


No doubt dozens of apps and games will use the internet of smartphones hiddenly, and it will also slow down the internet speed. To avoid such type of issues, must download NetGuard Pro APK for Android Os free. 

Additional Information

May 1, 2024